Key Stage 3

All Students Are Encouraged to Learn Independently
The student homepage gives students (and families) access to the subject home pages. Most subjects have tasks online or links to external sites that enable students to do their own research and practice their skills.

There are also website links to MyMaths and SAM Learning which mean that homework can always be done every evening. Each student has a password for SAM Learning which is their date of birth followed by their initials. In addition, there are sites such as BBC Bitesize which provide useful work, skills practice and information.

Subject staff will always give students guidance on independent learning for their subject. This type of work is highly recommended in KS3, and essential at GCSE, for students who are capable of achieving high grades.

If a student fails to complete three pieces of homework in a subject over a half term, then an after school detention will be set by their class teacher.

Students’ Responsibilities:

  • To record all homework set in their planner;
  • To complete all homework set to a good standard and to submit it on time;
  • To seek clarification/help (if needed) before the deadline.

Teachers’ Responsibilities:

  • To set homework according to the homework timetable;
  • To ensure deadlines are clear to all students;
  • To differentiate homework where necessary;
  • To ensure that homework is marked.

Parents’ Responsibilities:

  • To take an active role to ensure all homework is completed as set;
  • To provide a suitable environment for completion of all homework;
  • To monitor homework and sign student planners weekly.

Students with learning difficulties may do less homework. Our Inclusion and Diversity department will give advice and support to students and families on this. Students who are capable of achieving high grades should plan to spend more time on homeworks, especially those which help to develop their independent learning skills.

Subject teachers and tutors work closely with students to create personal homework timetables. We encourage families to:

  • Check the planner regularly and use the school website for further guidance
  • Go to the student home page where many homework tasks and subject procedures are detailed and updated regularly
  • Make use of the school website links to SAM Learning, MyMaths etc
  • Contact the House Leader for guidance if you feel too much or too little homework is being set or done. The House Leader will work out personal homework timetables as appropriate

English, Mathematics, Science, MFL and History set homework weekly. Subject teachers will give details of the set days in the student planner. Other subjects set homework over longer periods of time. Further details are as follows:

A project each term with detailed tasks and extension work all available from the department website. Most students will be expected to spend around one hour per week on this (medium tasks)

Short tasks set after each lesson (usually 15-20 mins in length) Longer tasks set 3 or 4 times per half term

Medium tasks set once or twice a week (usually 30 mins)

Medium tasks set once or twice a week (usually 30 mins)

Short tasks set once per week (20mins Y7 - 40 mins Y9)

Extended tasks set (1-2 hours), 2 per half term

Medium tasks set once per fortnight (30 mins)

A4 Design research assignments (16) through the year (30 mins)

Food Technology
Preparation of ingredients every two weeks and termly online tasks

Textiles Technology
3 research and design tasks (online) set during the course

Short tasks set each lesson (plus some extended work)

Short task set each week (plus some extended work)

Project based tasks on the half termly topic

Homework is not set in Drama, PE and PHSE.

Short and medium tasks should be handed in at the next lesson with the same teacher. Deadlines for longer and extended tasks will be written in the student planner. All homeworks contribute to the termly assessment grades. Regular completion of homework earns ‘merit points’. Failure to complete homework leads to ‘de-merits’ (loss of merit points) and if on a regular basis further sanctions.

Please note:

  • Subjects do vary their pattern from time to time depending on the type of work being done in the lesson. Please use the pattern above as a guide only.
  • The Curriculum Digests, published on line in late September, provide further details of the curriculum and assessment procedures for each subject.

Key Stage 4

All GCSE subjects will require homework to be done as an essential part of your learning for controlled assessments and examinations. Most students will need to do 5 or more hours per week of study at home in order to achieve the best possible grades. At key times of year (e.g. examinations) you will need to allow more time than this. A minority of students may not need to spend as much time on homework. Able students seeking the highest grades will often do more. Your teacher or support worker will advise you on this.

Homework tasks vary from subject to subject. Some subjects (for example Mathematics and Modern Languages) will work to a pattern of setting homework after most lessons. These are often shorter tasks which need to be done by the next lesson in order for you to keep up with the learning. Other subjects may do this from time to time depending on the nature of the work. Other subjects will work to a pattern of setting longer tasks which are to be completed over a number of days. Whatever deadline is set, you must keep to it to avoid becoming overloaded with work or falling behind with your learning.

Homework timetables in Years 10 and 11 are personalised. Students and families should seek the advice of The House Leader if you feel too much or too little homework is being done. Subject teachers will also assist with homework difficulties.

Homework Calendar

This is a guide to the amount of homework that should be set over a 2 week period for each subject. Drama and PE do set homework at KS3 as appropriate.

Support and guidance on homework completion for student are available online through department sites.

Subject Amount of homework per fortnight – in minutes

DramaAs appropriate
PEAs appropriate
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