Parent Voice

The Kingsway School strongly encourages parental feedback and we respond promptly to any issues raised. Parents are also asked to complete Parent Voice Questionnaires twice a year, when attending Review Days.

The Parent Voice Questionnaire asks parents to evaluate a series of statements giving their view on their child’s school experience. These cover:

  • Enjoyment of school
  • Care and safety
  • Progress
  • Teaching and how well their child’s views are taken into account

Parents are also asked about homework, behaviour of students, school leadership, effectiveness in dealing with bullying, the school’s response to concerns raised, provision of information on their child’s progress and whether they would recommend the school to another parent.

Parents have the option to add further comments on their child’s education at Kingsway and make general comments or suggestions for the school to consider.

Parents are asked to leave contact details and direct contact is made where concerns have been raised or where parents have provided negative feedback, so that issues can be addressed. Comments are, however, usually of a positive and appreciative nature. Suggestions are forwarded to the Leadership Group for consideration.