Enrichment, traditionally referred to as ‘extracurricular’, is a key part of our provision at The Kingsway School.

Alongside our high aspirations for academic success, we passionately believe in the importance of delivering education in its broadest sense. ALL students are expected to engage in the Enrichment programme and attend a minimum of 10 hours of activities per academic year.

Through our Enrichment opportunities, available across all subjects in the school, we aim to create students who are more rigorous, rounded and grounded and who can promote themselves through the wider behaviours and attitudes that they gain. The programme develops character and allows students the opportunity to discover and develop the desired transferable skills, through experiences which complement the academic curriculum, which will help them to become successful in work and life.

Across the Enrichment programme, it is possible for our students to gain a variety of additional awards and qualifications. The Enrichment Engagement Awards, which are being launched at the end of this academic year, will see the students with the highest number of engagement hours awarded a certificate and custom designed lapel pin badge. The winning students will then become our Enrichment Ambassadors for the next academic year, which is a highly prestigious role within our school.