Homework Club

Homework club takes place every week Monday - Thursday, 3:15pm-4:00 pm. This is a great opportunity for students to catch up with homework and gain some additional support with English and Maths. See the Enrichment page for more opportunities.

Student Librarians

This is the second year the Library has recruited Student Librarians. The Librarian Mentoring has been a great success, and we have students in Years 7, 8 and 9 who currently help in the Library during break 1 or 2. This gives students the opportunity to learn new skills, in addition to learning how to use the library.

Library Lessons

Each Year 7 and 8 English class participates with a fortnightly library lesson. Each year group receives an Independent Library Research Booklet which allows students to guide their self through the Library during their own time.

Each class receives a Library induction at the beginning of the academic year.

Accelerated Reader / AR Ambassadors

Every Year 7 and 8 student participates with Accelerated Reader within their Library Skills lesson. Students are tested three times a year and given a reading level which is linked to a fiction book. Once a student has read their book, they are able to take a quiz on the book which they have read. If a student gains 85% + on a quiz, they are able to move up a level. Whilst this promotes a reading culture within the school, it also enhances students’ reading levels significantly.

Accelerated Reader gives students the opportunity to browse through the Library’s book collection and adopt an independent strategy for reading, which in other subjects is a valuable skill to have.

Guided Reading Champions

To boost students confidence with reading, each English teacher has selected a number of students to participate with Guided reading. Whilst the intervention encourages reluctant readers to boost their reading ability, extra merits for students participating with this intervention are also obtained.

Classics Challenge

To stretch our most able students in Years 8 and 9, students are competing to see who can read the most novels from the classical literature canon. This is to enhance students’ reading ability and comprehension whilst providing them with an appreciation of the rich British literary heritage.