As most children live within walking distance from the school, a bus is unnecessary. Stockport SMBC and The Kingsway School actively promote environmentally friendly and safe walking and cycling routes to school.


Behaviour of students
We would like to also take this opportunity to remind parents/carers that we have a non-negotiable policy with regards to smoking, poor behaviour, foul language, aggressive behaviour and any actions which put at risk the safety of others while the buses are being used. We inform the students that the bus service is a privilege rather than a right.

Concessionary Travel
Children under 16 years of age attending a maintained school may travel on all bus services at a concessionary fare (currently £1.00 to £1.60 per journey), with an under 16s’ Travel Pass.

The best rate is obtained if the student has an igo pass from TfGM.

Some children qualify for free travel passes on the basis of distance between home and school, if their parent/s are in receipt of qualifying benefits or transport is considered necessary to facilitate school attendance. The authority will have regard, amongst other things, to the age of the child and the nature of the route from home to school.

Further information and general enquiries for students with regards to bus travel can be obtained either by telephoning Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 or through the TfGM website.

Morning Services


Operator: Stagecoach Manchester
0161 276 2553

  • Stockport Bus Station at 7.30am
  • Cheadle Heath, Farmer's Arms at 7.46am
  • Boundary Bridge at 7.52am
  • Cheadle Post Offices at 7.58am
  • Kingsway School, Broadway at 8.08am


Operator: Belle Vue Manchester Ltd.
0161 947 9477

  • Heald Green, Griffin at 7.45am
  • Heald Green, Outwood Road at 7.50am
  • Silverdale Rd/Foxland Rd for Kingsway at 8.05am

Afternoon Services


Operator: Selwyns Travel
0161 223 3103

  • Kingsway School at 3.15pm
  • Stockport Rd/Councillor Lane at 3.25pm
  • Adswood, Cheadle Glass at 3.29pm
  • Stockport, Bus Station at 3.40pm


Operator: Bullocks Coaches
0161 491 5525

  • Kingsway School at 3.15pm
  • Finney Lane/Wilmslow Road at 3.20pm
  • Outwood Road/Wilmslow Road at 3.25pm


Operator: Stagecoach Manchester
0161 276 2553

  • Gatley Railway Station at 3.40 pm
  • Wythenshawe Bus Station
  • Woodhouse Park
  • Minstead Walk
  • Wythenshawe Hospital

Helping the Kingsway to help keep your child safe

An appeal to parents
Stockport Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers are assisting the Kingsway School with the illegal parking on the Broadway Road at the end of the school day.

Please help us to help keep your son or daughter safe by refraining from illegally parking on the Broadway Road. It causes confrontation where traffic has been reduced to a single lane, makes crossing the road hazardous for students and inconveniences the residents living on the Broadway.

The Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers enforce all yellow lines and other waiting restrictions throughout the borough helping to manage Stockport’s roads.

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