Many of our students live within walking distance of the school. We do encourage environmentally friendly and safe walking and cycling routes to school.


Cycling is good for health and for the environment. The Kingsway School encourages students who wish to cycle to school, since it improves their health and fitness and reduces traffic congestion outside the school. However, it is also vital that students who cycle to school do so safely.

While The Kingsway School wishes to support an increase in the number of students cycling to school, the decision as to whether your child is competent to negotiate such hazards as may present themselves on the route from home to school, and back must be yours and yours alone. The Kingsway School does not accept liability for any consequences of that decision. Equally, bicycles stored at school are left at the owner’s risk. Parents are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover as the school’s insurance does not cover loss or damage to bicycles.

We strongly recommend Students wear a correctly fitted bicycle helmet to and from school and use appropriate reflective clothing and bicycle lights when visibility is poor.

Conditions for Cycling to School:

  1. All bicycles must be in a roadworthy condition
  2. Cyclists must ride sensibly and follow the Highway Code
  3. Students must not ride in large groups
  4. Students must not engage in any dangerous or reckless behaviour which may put their own or other road users’
    safety at risk
  5. Approved bicycle training should have been undertaken, where available
  6. All bicycles must be locked securely in the cycle shed or pods only

The Kingsway School reserve the right to revoke Bike permits/pods in the event that these conditions are not met.

Helping The Kingsway School to help keep your child safe – an appeal to parents
We ask parents please not to park on Broadway and Foxland Road at the end of the school day. Cars parked here hold up the flow of traffic, make crossing the road more hazardous for students. This also causes inconvenience for our neighbours.

The Kingsway School is on two campuses, closely connected by a subway, which is owned by Stockport LA. We consider the subway as an extension of our school and students see our subway as just another corridor. The subway is painted annually and the embankments are tended by the council on a regular basis. The subway is fitted with CCTV at both ends in and outside the subway. During break times the subway always has a member of staff on duty. Our Security Officer is also nearby at the crossing, leading to the subway, at every change of lessons and during both breaks.

School Bus Services

Yellow school buses

Transport for Greater Manchester (TGfM) run a fleet of 50 hybrid-electric Yellow School Buses (YSB), which are not open to the general public and pick-up and drop-off children close to home, in a safe place to wait and board.

Yellow School buses are reserved just for school pupils: anyone can use normal school buses, so they are not guaranteed a seat. All other buses are run by individual companies, who are under no obligation to collect the children from school or change the timings of collection for half days/inset days.

The Yellow Bus serving The Kingsway School from September 2019 will be Y21.

To use a Yellow School Bus service, children must have a valid YSB pass, which will need to be renewed each year. Applicants should note TfGM are only able to issue a limited number of passes for each bus and that they must also carry the igo pass with them when they travel.

For more information and to apply for a YSB pass, please visit: TfGM School Bus Services

Concessionary and free travel - The IGO Pass

All students between the ages of 11 and 16 need an IGO pass if they wish to travel at the concessionary (reduced fare) rate on buses. The IGO pass is like an ID card and proves that the student is aged 16 or under. It must be carried on all journeys and shown to the driver before paying the fare.

The IGO pass costs £10 and can only be bought by students who live, or go to school in Greater Manchester.

More information on IGO and an application form to get an IGO pass is on the TfGM website.

(Please note: students who are entitled to a free Scholars Travel Pass for journeys between home and school and students aged between 16 and 19 who have a Scholars Concessionary Pass, do not need an IGO Pass for these journeys)


312 - AM service only

STOCKPORT, Bus Station 0730
Cheadle Heath, Farmer’s Arms 0744
Boundary Bridge 0752
Cheadle, Post Office 0801
Wilmslow Road for KINGSWAY SCHOOL 0804

Full Route: From STOCKPORT, BUS STATION via Swaine Street, Chestergate, King Street West, Wood Street, Brinksway, Stockport Road, High Street, Wilmslow Road for KINGSWAY SCHOOL.

758 - 2 buses

HEALD GREEN, Griffin 0745
HEALD GREEN, Outwood Road 0750
Silverdale Rd/Foxland Rd for KINGSWAY SCHOOL 0805

Finney Lane/Wilmslow Road 1515, 1516

Full Route: From HEALD GREEN, Griffin via Wilmslow Road, Outwood Road, Finney Lane, St Ann’s Road North, Silverdale Road to junction with Foxland Road for KINGSWAY SCHOOL. Returns via Broadway, Wilmslow Road, Schools Hill, Wilmslow Road, Finney Lane, Outwood Road to OUTWOOD ROAD/WILMSLOW ROAD.

Y21 - Yellow School Bus

NORTHERN MOOR, Sale Rd/Wythenshawe Rd 0710
Moor Road, Tram Stop 0721
Baguley, Wendon Road 0732
Benchill, Tram Stop 0740
Peel Hall Road/Upavon Road 0745
Shadowmoss, Tram Stop 0800
Heald Green, Finney Lane near the Outwood Road junction 0810

Heald Green, Finney Lane/Outwood Road 1517
Shadowmoss, Tram Stop 1525
Benchill, Tram Stop 1534
Moor Road, Tram Stop 1544
NORTHERN MOOR, Sale Rd/Wythenshawe Road 1552

Full Route: From NORTHERN MOOR, Sale Road/Wythenshawe Road via Sale Road, Orton Road, Moorcroft Road, Wythenshawe Road, Moor Road, Southmoor Road, Floatshall Road, Hall Lane, Blackcarr Road, Wendon Road, Hollyhedge Road, Brownley Road, Crossacres Road, Peel Hall Road, Simonsway, Shadowmoss Road, Ringway Road, Styal Road, Finney Lane, Wilmslow Road, Kingsway to jct with Broadway for KINGSWAY SCHOOL. Return via reverse of above route.

The following general bus services provide links to Kingsway School:

11 - Stockport, Edgeley, Gatley, Wythenshawe, Broomwood, Altrincham
11A - Stockport, Cheadle, Gatley, Northenden, Timperley, Altrincham

For the latest timetable information go to TfGM

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