Jill Woodyer is The Kingsway School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). The Designated Safeguarding Lead is responsible for safeguarding all students across both Broadway and Foxland sites. Andra Slann and Emma Hulance are the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads.


J. Woodyer

Designated Safeguarding Lead

A. Slann

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

E. Hulance

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding Responsibilities

Safeguarding at The Kingsway School is a whole school approach. All staff have a duty of care to ensure concerns raised and dealt with via the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead. The DSL has specific responsibility for championing the importance of safeguarding, and promoting the welfare of children and young people registered in the school. The DSL will:

  • Act as the first point of contact with regards to all safeguarding matters.
  • Work closely alongside the PHOY’s/ Welfare Assistants and External Agencies
  • Attend updated training every two years
  • Provide relevant information to the LA on how the school carried out it’s safeguarding duties
  • Provide support and training for staff and volunteers and make sure the training that staff receive SCSB approved refresher training
  • Ensure that all staff and volunteers receive information on safeguarding policies and procedures from the point of induction.
  • Ensure that any staff with specific responsibility for safeguarding children receive Level 3 and above training
  • Manage and keep secure the school’s safeguarding records
  • Ensure that all staff and volunteers and understand and are aware of the school’s reporting and recording procedures and are clear about what to do if they have a concern about a child
  • Liaise with the Headteacher about any Safeguarding Issues
  • Ensure the Safeguarding Policy is regularly reviewed and updated (last update July 2018)
  • Keep up to date with changes in local policy and procedures, and are aware of any guidance issued by the Safeguarding Body.

Procedures for Visitors

The safety and well-being of students of all students at The Kingsway School is essential. To ensure this happens procedures have been implemented when we have visitors to our school, on both sites.

  • All visitors should be encouraged to bring a form of photographic identification and show this at receptions when signing in using the electronic sign in/ out desks. If the visitor does not photographic ID, that person is only permitted around site if they are accompanied by a member of staff.
  • Parents/ Carers should be accompanied at all times by a member of staff. This includes greeting at Reception and escorting back to reception once the meeting visit is over. They should sign in as a visitor and receive a visitor badge (red with photographic ID)
  • During the school day, no person should be left unaccompanied within the school campus without evidence of DBS clearance.