K:OAR Agreement

The core values of Opportunity, Achievement and Respect are central to our school ethos. We promote these values in partnership with our students and their parents.

1. Students at The Kingsway School agree to show respect at all times and make the most of every opportunity to achieve by:

  • attending school regularly and being on time for all lessons and activities
  • being properly prepared for learning, with correct uniform, kit, equipment and homework
  • taking responsibility and being fully accountable for my speech and behaviour and accepting the consequences of making poor behaviour choices
  • having a positive attitude, aspiring to succeed and taking a pride in my achievements

2. Parents or Carers agree to support their children at The Kingsway School by:

  • ensuring that they attends school regularly, on time, equipped and in full school uniform
  • informing school on the first day of any absence
  • avoiding taking my/our child out of school during term time
  • informing the school of any concerns that might affect my/our child's learning or behaviour
  • supporting the school's behaviour policies, including detentions and other sanctions
  • attending review days, parents' evening and other discussions about my child's progress
  • taking an active interest in my/our child’s education and school life
  • supporting my/our child in homework and other opportunities for home learning
  • checking my/our child’s planner and merit totals regularly and discussing any issues raised
  • emphasising at home the importance of opportunity, achievement and respect

3. The Kingsway School will optimise opportunity, achievement and respect by:

  • providing a safe and stimulating learning environment, within a culture of success and following Stockport`s safeguarding procedures
  • doing our utmost to ensure your child achieves their full potential as a valued member of our school community
  • expecting positive, respectful attitudes and high standards of behaviour; rewarding students who meet these expectations and dealing consistently with any lapses, in line with school policies and procedures
  • contacting parents over any concerns that affect your child's work or behaviour; including problems with attitude to learning or to others, attendance and punctuality
  • providing regular information on your child’s progress and achievement and giving you opportunities to discuss this with the school
  • informing parents of school activities via the school website, letters and newsletters