Getting a Flying Start

At The Kingsway School we are very lucky to serve a community where students have had an excellent primary education. We work very closely with our local primary schools to ensure that we build on not only the high academic standards achieved but also students’ attitudes to learning.

The transition team also fully understand the anxieties that some students and their parents may have with the move from a small primary school to a large secondary school, and so provide the pastoral support, care and guidance to families throughout the process.

Taster Days
We have a strong transition team who coordinate events at our primary schools and here at Kingsway for students in Years 4, 5 & 6 to become more familiar with what to expect at high school.

Kickstart to Kingsway
This continues into Year 7, with a programme of activities run across the school to help our new students find their feet before they undertake their new timetable. Upon entry, your child will join of one of our six Houses, where they will foster a healthy sense of competition, via inter-house challenges and themed days.

Throughout the year, your child will have daily contact with their form tutor and where required support from their Pastoral Head of Year. In addition, each year group has a Raising Standards Leader responsible for ensuring your child stays on track to achieve their academic potential. These key staff will be in contact with parents and carers throughout your child’s secondary school experience.

Our Transition Team

Deputy Headteacher
in charge of Transition
Mrs R. Wardle

Lead Teacher

Ms A. Fairclough

Transition Mentor
Mrs A. Jones

Year 7 Raising Standards Leader
Mr N. Williams

Year 7 Pastoral Head of Year
Ms A. Ives

If you have any queries or would like to book a school tour please contact our transition team:

0161 428 7706


Transition Videos

Be Awesome Go Big At The Kingsway School

Transition Events

Induction Day/Evening
On Thursday 2nd July, we are holding our 'Year 6 Induction Day'. The day is designed to allow your child to sample life at Kingsway and to participate in lessons. They will also have the chance to meet their form tutor.

The same evening parents are invited to attend the 'Parents Induction Evening'.

I hope that you will be able to join us; please note that this evening is for parents only due to seating capacity and because much of the information will have been covered with them during the induction day.

Your child will bring home a letter stating which campus you should attend, and at what time. This is because this is based on which tutor group they will be in. You will have the opportunity to meet with form tutors and to learn about the expectations at The Kingsway School. School uniform suppliers will be in attendance on both campuses to help with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for a place at The Kingsway School?
Applications to Stockport secondary schools are all online.

2. When do I apply?
The forms will be sent to you, via your child’s Primary School, in September, just after your child has started in Year 6.

3. What happens after I’ve submitted my request?
The allocation process is a lengthy one. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your request initially and then nothing more until February, when you will receive a letter from Stockport Admissions, to your home address, advising you which school your child has been offered a place.

4. Will I be accepted at The Kingsway School?
If you live in the local area and/or attend one of its associated primary schools and choose The Kingsway School as your first preference, you are likely to be offered a place. If you live outside of the local area, it will be dependent on whether there are any places available after the initial allocation. It is possible to appeal for a place at Kingsway if you are not happy with the school allocated to your child.

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