Pastoral Team

Year 7
G. James

Year 7
A. Jones

Year 8
L. Lavanini

Year 8
L. Holdsworth

Year 9
S. Malik

Year 9
L. Stansfield

Year 10
T. Bartle

Year 10
J. Leonard

Year 11
C. Francis

Year 11
E. Knee


Art & Design
T. Whadcock
C. Bradbury-Cheetham (Head of Department)
L. Dunn
A. Marsh
J. Brown

A. Burniston (Head of Department)
K. Clarke
J. Nicholson
A. Fairclough
J. Horsey
J. Weil
E. Ellwood

L. Gray (Head of Department)
K. Burrows
J. Panteli
A. Owen
M. Linnecor
J. Hartt
L. Eames
T. Kelso
L. Beattie
S. Singh
A. Dubale
B. Lomax
R. Specterman
S. Lee
E. Parker
A. Touhey

Performing Arts
J. McSheffrey (Head of Department)
P. Lawton
D. Wood
H. Dean
L. McQuiston

Learning Support Teaching Team
J. Djang (SENDCo)
C. Walker (Assistant SENDCo)
M. Axon (Resource School Manager)
A. Oldham (LSA Manager)
K. Rouse (SEND HLTA)
P. Tudsbury (SEND HLTA)

Design & Technology
N. Green (Head of Department)
N. Hammersley
N. Nicolaou
K. Guess
N. Knowles
H. Butler
E. Peters
L. Titchfield

A. Bowers (Head of Department)
C. Bentham
H. Parkin
S. Cook
S. Mackay

Modern Foreign Languages
A. Griffith
P. Traynor (Head of Department)
L. Slater
Z. Ashton
K. Marlow
V. Willows
R. Specterman

N. Williams (Head of Department)
M. Tither
L. Holdsworth
M. Law

J. Rodgers (Head of Department)
M. Atherton
K. Chohan
R. Insley
B. Murray
S. Khan
D. Woodiwiss
I. Hussain
K. Lucas
N. McNulty
R. West
A. Brideaux
S. Kilroy

N. Dean (Head of Department)
J. Sadler
V. Healey
C. Wild
N. Sawyers
E. Hulance
C. Rowley
E. Evans
N. Abbott
V. Heard
A. Tweedale
A. Tunnell
J. Tyson
S. Choudrey
N. Brightside

Business, Computing & ICT
I. Grimshaw
J. Woodyer
A. Hasan (Acting Joint Head of Department)
G. Bull (Acting Joint Head of Department)
R. Knott
D. Somerville
A. Russell

R. Hulme (Head of Department)
E. Pike
H. Duffy
S. Tavner
J. Howarth
K. Jessop

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