Raising Standards Leaders

Year 7
L. Holdsworth

Year 8
K. Clarke

Year 9
E. Cuttress

Year 10
N. Williams

Year 11
K. Cox-Brown

Pupil Premium
J. Woodyer

Pastoral Head of Years

A. Jones
Year 7
0161 495 2371

K. Davis
Year 8 - Broadway
0161 495 2385

T. Watson
Year 8 - Foxland
0161 495 2378

L. Lavanini
Year 9 - Broadway
0161 495 2387

G. James
Year 9 - Foxland
0161 495 2373

A. Ives
Year 10 - Broadway
0161 495 2389

J. Ward
Year 10 - Foxland
0161 495 2374

C. Francis
Year 11
0161 495 2372


Art & Design
T. Jones (Head of Department)
C. Bradbury-Cheetham
L. Dunn
A. Marsh

I. Teague (Head of Department)
R. Hemmings

Design & Technology
B. Whitham (Head of Department)
N. Hammersley
D. Ely
N. Nicolaou
A. Keir

J. Sadler (Head of Department)
V. Littler
N. Abbott
N. Dean
V. Healey
E. Evans
C. Wild
G. O'Grady
A. Thurlow
C. Rowley
E. Cuttress
M. Daley
V. Heard
R. Halligan
N. Sawyers
A. Tunnell
J. Heil
J. Mullin

Food and Textiles Technology/Health & Social Care
N. Knowles (Head of Department)
K. Guess
J. Maxey

A. Burniston (Head of Department)
K. Clarke
J. Nicholson
A. Fairclough
J. Horsey
J. Weil

S. Mackay (Head of Department)
C. Bentham
H. Parkin
A. Bowers
S. Cook

A. Mahmood (Head of Department)
J. Woodyer
A. Glover
A. Hasan
H. Ruane
G. Bull

L. Gray (Head of Department)
K. Cox-Brown
M. Linnecor
A. Oldham
I. Parker
J. Hartt
J. Panteli
L. Eames
A. Owen
T. Kelso
L. Beattie
S. Singh
A. Dubale
D. Hinton
K. Burrows
J. Lapidus

Modern Foreign Languages
A. Griffith (Head of Department)
P. Traynor
S. Evans
L. Greenwood
J. James
T. Paisley
L. Slater
T. Hunt

P. Lawton (Head of Department)
D. Wood

R. Hulme (Head of Department)
E. Pike
H. Duffy
S. Tavner
L. Wildgoose
J. Howarth

N. Williams (Head of Department)
M. Tither
L. Holdsworth

M. Mohsin (Acting Head of Department)
C. Watson
M. Atherton
K. Chohan
R. Insley
B. Murray
D. Soles
M. Chaudhry
S. Khan
D. Woodiwiss
I. Hussain
L. Buckley
K. Lucas
N. Sadati
J. Alyas

Learning Support Teaching Team
J. Maxey (Head of Inclusion & Diversity Department)
R. Wardle (SENCo)
J. Djang (Deputy SENCo)
M. Burgess (Resource Base Manager)
A. Murphy
J. Carden

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