Head of Department

Mr J Rodgers

Powerful Knowledge

Powerful knowledge in science gives rise to the big ideas of and about science and allows us to generalise and think about the concrete world in abstract ways.

Curriculum Intent

The science department aims to provide an education to all students that will inspire and educate them in all three sciences. We aim to promote the understanding of key scientific facts and concepts, which underpins learning, but also an understanding of how science works through inquiry.

At the beginning of Key Stage 3 we introduce the big ideas of cells, interdependence, particles, energy and forces and explore these in more detail through a series of topics that cover a broad range of knowledge. As students begin to grasp fundamental concepts, we further develop their knowledge and will make links to prior learning so to develop the connections between the topics and deepen their knowledge. Building on prior learning pupils gain a deeper understanding of the content to gain confidence in applying their knowledge to unfamiliar contexts. The aim is to develop the students at The Kingsway School who can use their understanding to make informed choices about their life and show an awareness about how their choices can affect others around them as well as the environment.

With an active, practical approach to learning, the Science National Curriculum is covered in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. During their investigations the pupils collect and reflect on experimental data; they analyse, interpret and evaluate. By doing this, we encourage our students to think critically, morally and ethically about science, understand the world that they live in, and to develop skills that will support them for their futures.

Whenever appropriate, we endeavour to include the use of ICT, literacy and mathematical skills in our teaching programmes where students can practice and develop a range of useful life skills. At the end of the pupils’ time with us we aim to have sparked their curiosity so that they are able to contribute successfully to a rapidly advancing world in a socially responsible way.

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