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Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

It's Children's Mental Health Awareness Week here at The Kingsway School, and Ms Cropper (Safeguarding and Wellbeing Lead) wanted to share some important information you may find useful as parents/carers.

As we know, the past two years has had a significant impact on our young people's mental health - as a school, we have many internal support systems (Key Adults, Mentoring, Referrals to Internal Counselling etc) but I thought it may be of use for you to see our support systems after school hours. I've attached an Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support in Stockport document, which can signpost you according to your level of care and need. There's some really useful telephone numbers and email contacts on there, if you need a little advice or guidance in regards to your child's mental health.

I've also attached a Mental Health in Education document, which shares where Stockport's Local Authority is up to in regards to implementing further support for schools. A useful link on there is the Anna Freud and Beacon Counselling websites.

Another document which may be of use is the offer of Parent Webinars on the Children's Mental Health Awareness week page. There are details on there in regards to Apps useful to download, Chat-lines accessible 24/7 and referral systems for all.

At The Kingsway School, we encourage all students to feel it's "Safe to Talk" and can approach any trusted adult at any time. If anybody would like to discuss their child, please feel free to email myself, or Kim Mann (Safeguarding and Wellbeing Lead) on and

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Class of 2021 – GCSE Presentation Evening

By now we would have hosted our glitzy GCSE Presentation Evening and presented GCSE certificates and special achievement awards to our Class of 2021.

It is one of our favourite calendar events as a school, providing the opportunity for staff and parents to come together to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our students. Clearly, the event could not go ahead in that format but, never to be defeated, we have put together a virtual presentation which can be found below.

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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 19

Valuable volunteers

Last week was a week where I truly appreciated the work of parents and members of the community who willingly give of their time to support the work of the school.

On Monday, The Kingsway Association (TKA), a group of parent volunteers held their Spring term meeting. TKA do not organise fundraising events (such as fairs, raffles, tombolas etc,) but rely solely on family contributions of £10 per quarter. This money aims to help as many students as possible by providing the extras that other school funding doesn’t cover.

The meeting on Monday was also attended by Mr Wood and Head Students Charlie L and Tanzeela C who gave a fantastic presentation to the group asking for some funds towards improved outdoor seating areas for our student body.

The TKA were really impressed and agreed to fund nearly £5000 towards benches and seating for Broadway quad.

Other successful bids included:

  • Inclusion & Diversity: £260 to run the Motor Skills United Intervention, helping to develop motor and perceptual skills which impacts their learning and handwriting;
  • Science: £184 for 2 renewable energy kits to enable teachers to better demonstrate how renewable energy resources generate electricity;
  • Geography: £360 for equipment for field trips including tape measures, metre rule sticks and stopwatches;
  • Inclusion & Diversity: £150 for sports equipment such as basketball hoop, badminton set, skittles and other small sports equipment;
  • Inclusion & Diversity: £500 to enhance a new sensory room for children with autism (or students being assessed for autism)

The Kingsway Association is also registered with This is an easy way to raise money. Shop online with over 4,000 retailers and a percentage of what is spent is donated to The Kingsway Association at no additional cost to you. Retailers include Amazon, John Lewis, eBay, Tesco and many more. Why not sign up to support us?

The Kingsway Association is here for all students and is an effective way for our families and supporters to provide the extras for students that make a real difference to their time at our school. The next meeting is scheduled to be on Monday 9th May 2022 at 6pm, or to support the TKA by donating £10 per quarter you can follow this link.

There were also two governing board meetings last week - Finance and Standards.

The remit of the finance committee is to ensure the school operates within a statutory framework. The committee reviewed the schools budget, health and safety plans and also staffing structures. The chair of the committee is Mr Thomas and he is supported by Mrs Heard, our School Business Manager. At last week’s meeting the committee discussed the local council’s plan to construct a new wider subway under the A34 - whilst still in very early stages, as a school we are keen to support this project. There is also hope that the school will be eligible for part funding of a new 3G astro turf. In addition to plans to further upgrade our science labs, there are a lot of exciting new projects ahead for Kingsway.

Away from the business of the school, the role of the standards committee is to review standards of educational performance. The committee is chaired by Mrs Wilkinson, supported by Mr Weil (Assistant Headteacher). At their meeting last week Mrs Wardle (Deputy Head) informed the committee about the steps the school is taking to ensure that the attendance, achievement and attitude of our SEND students strengthens through the support of our SENCO (Mrs Djang) and the team of HLTAs and LSAs. Mr Weil also gave governors an overview of the recent Year 11 PPE results - which were a strong foundation for the cohort’s success in the 2022 GCSE examinations. 

The role of governors in our school is critical. They provide both support and challenge to school leaders and give willingly of their time to visit school, not just to attend meetings, but to talk to staff and students and look at the work we are doing in the classroom and outside of it to provide a great education so every student creates the best version of themselves here.

If you are interested in getting involved with our governing board, please contact the school via and we will keep you updated when a vacancy arises.

Opportunity for Year 7 Parents

We all know the difficulties that parenting can have on home relationships, particularly this past year. As a school we also understand the importance of working with families. As such we are delighted that last year, Mrs Jones (Transition, Family and Community Mentor) qualified as a facilitator for the Time out for Parents: The Teenage Years course.

This short course for parents and carers, provides help and advice on parenting in those teenage years to build strong relationships so that everyone can enjoy family life. This confidential and fully supportive course will be offered to all our parents in Year 7, and we are delighted that the Upper Room in Cheadle has provided us with a relaxing and nurturing environment for this to take place. Places are limited but we hope to run a number of these cohorts to support the demand. 

Should you have any interest in attending this course, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Jones on

Year 9 Options

A reminder to all our parents/carers of Year 9 students, our Options 2022 page went live last Thursday. On this page you will find a wealth of information to support families in making informed choices for their Key Stage 4 options. On this page you will find a link to an introductory video, the options booklet and department information. The Year 9 Virtual Parents Evening will take place on Thursday 3rd February and will be an ideal opportunity to ask questions of the subject teachers but you will also find a link on the options page, should you have any further questions. The online options portal will be opened on Monday 7th February and choices must be submitted via the electronic form by Monday 28th February. 

Local ambassadors

We were delighted to hear of our local primary schools, and Kingsway students and parents participating in the local Cheadle litter pick this weekend. An amazing 16 bags of litter were collected within one hour. Well done. We are so proud of our students when they are ambassadors not only within school, but outside in our local community.

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Thursday 3rd February Year 9 (virtual) Parents’ Evening
Friday 11th February Break up for Half term

Have a good week, and stay safe and well.

Mrs J. Lowe

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Virtual Year 9 Parents’ Evening

We would like to invite you to attend our Virtual Year 9 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 3rd February, between 5pm and 8pm.

Parents’ Evening appointments will be held virtually using SchoolCloud, the online Parents’ Evening system we introduced last academic year. The system allows you to schedule your own Parents’ Evening appointments and attend appointments via video call.

Appointments can be made from Thursday 20th January.

Please visit to book your appointments. Login with the following information:

  • Parent Title
  • Parent Surname
  • Student’s First Name
  • Student’s Surname
  • Student’s Date of Birth

A video guide about how to login, book appointments and manage the video appointments can be viewed here:

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the Year team who will be able to discuss arranging telephone calls with teachers.

Please note that all appointments are strictly limited to 5 minutes duration. After the five minutes have elapsed, the video call will automatically end so that all appointments keep to time. A countdown clock will appear on your screen so that you know how much time remains.

Invite another parent or guardian

A new feature of the Parents Evening System is the ability to invite another parent or guardian to your appointments. You can do this once you have made your bookings (or when you later log in and go to My Bookings). More details can be found on the Video Appointments: Parents - How to attend appointments over video call page.

On the night itself

Visit and sign in and your appointments will load at the correct time.  All you need to do is be signed in and your appointments will automatically appear at the correct time.

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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 18

Congratulations and celebrations!

Congratulations to our Year 11 Hospitality and Catering students who completed the assessed practical element of their course last week. Here are some of their amazing creations:

Congratulations also go to our magnificent merit winners who each received their certificates and badges this week:

LOWRY: Patrycja K (9I) was in Mr Burniston’s Geography lesson where the class were learning about Tourism in the Thar desert which is located across the border of India and Pakistan.
RYLANDS winner Imogen D (10T) and Whitworth winner Paige R (10H) were in Mr Chohan’s Chemistry lesson conducting experiments about electrolysis.
Another RYLANDS winner - Bastian B (10T) was also in Chemistry with Mr Atherton where he was using his amazing maths skills to carry out tricky bond energy calculations.
GASKELL winner, Oscar M (9N) was preparing for a test in Miss Slater’s German lesson.
PANKHURST winner Ayesha K (7E) was in Miss Butler’s Art lesson practicing pencil drawings with shading and tones.
TURING winner, Nancy C (7I) was also in an exciting science lesson doing a practical experiment into how heat moves around liquid.

Another GASKELL winner, Alex P (9W) was writing a think piece about Disney’s Lion King story in Miss Tweedale’s English lesson. Finally, well done to WHITWORTH winner Maram A (10Y) who was not in school to pick up her certificate and badge - we will get this to you soon Maram!

Building on our successes we were delighted to celebrate the achievements of one our Year 10 students, Jess L. Jess participated in the Northern Athletics Championships, reaching the finals of the hurdles and semi-finals of the 200m. In both events she was able to set her personal best and is now ranked 6th in the country with her hurdles time.

As we have slowly been able to open up our school doors in a socially distanced and safe way, we were delighted to welcome back Loreto College. We have a long standing relationship with all our local colleges and were delighted when Danny Price, senior manager and Head of Performing Arts, was able to meet with a cohort of our Year 10 students. He spoke to them about how their attitude and actions can influence their long term success. Part of this explored how students could identify their own unique gifts and what they could control.

Term Dates

Following last week’s blog, the additional INSET days have now been set. Please see below for 2022/2023 term dates:

  • Autumn 1 ~ 1st September 2022 - 21st October 2022 (INSET Day 1st & 2nd September 2022)
  • Autumn 2 ~ 31st October 2022 - 21st December 2022 (INSET Day 31st October & 2nd December 2022)
  • Spring 1 ~ 5th January 2023 - 17th February 2023 (INSET 27th January 2023)
  • Spring 2 ~ 27th February - 31st March 2023
  • Summer 1 ~ 17th April - 26th May 2023 (Bank Holiday 1st May 2023)
  • Summer 2 ~ 5th June - 20th July 2023

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Thursday 27th January Year 9 (virtual) Options Evening
Thursday 3rd February Year 9 (virtual) Parents’ Evening
Friday 11th February Break up for Half term

Have a good week, and stay safe and well.

Mrs J. Lowe

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