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Barclays ‘Girls Allowed’ IT Event

For the third year running we have been invited to take a small group of year 9 students to Barclays, Radbroke Hall to participate in a 'Girls Allowed' IT Event.  This event was developed by Barclays as they identified a significant reduction in girls applying for IT related careers with them.
8 Year 9 students were invited on this event and enjoyed numerous workshops in  Cryptography, Robot Programming and IT Design.  A young Barclays Apprentice also gave a presentation on her journey with the bank from the age of 16 and the fact that she is now studying for a degree courtesy of Barclays.
I hope this opportunity highlighted some career options to our students that they perhaps hadn't thought of before and that they may now consider that there are other available routes to progress and not all students follow the college route directly after school.
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Literacy Intervention Programme

Here at Kingsway we believe that there are some skills which are absolutely vital in ensuring every student can enjoy success at school and beyond. Once a year, for the last four years, we have run an increasingly successful literacy intervention programme for selected groups of year 7 students. This year the programme is back, bigger and better than ever before.

Developing a strong literacy base is essential to students being able to access the curriculum across the school. The intervention programme is one of a growing number of ways in which we provide additional support for our students, ensuring they have the best possible educational opportunities. The programme is carefully tailored to the needs of the students taking part and a fantastic range of resources are employed to keep students engaged.

The initial, week-long intervention is exciting and intensive and students are given the opportunity to improve their reading, writing, and oral literacy skills, as well as building confidence and resilience. Last week, students took part in a variety of reading, writing, physical activities and games, which helped solidify understanding and use of basic grammar, punctuation and spelling, as well as inspiring the imaginations of our students, helping them access English in a fun and alternative way.

Following the success of their involvement last year, students also had the opportunity to take part in creative literacy workshops run by As Creative, a creative education company based in Liverpool. They played a variety of games and were presented with a complex mystery to solve using their inference and deduction skills; by the end of the day we had a roomful of Sherlock Holmes! They also had to fathom out ‘Who sank the ship?’ in Shakespeare’s Tempest and created some brilliant cinquain poetry from their findings.

The week saw all those who participated making fantastic progress and was enjoyed massively by all involved, including the staff! We celebrated the students’ efforts and successes at the end of the week by inviting parents to come in and enjoy a bite to eat whilst perusing the week’s work. The students were presented with certificates and a brand new book to take home, as well as some other goodies to reward their hard work and contributions to the week.

Feedback from the week has been overwhelmingly positive from students, staff and parents alike and we hope to continue running equally successful programmes in the future. A huge thank you to everyone involved for making it another brilliant week.

This year, the programme doesn’t end here: we’re thrilled that the 2017/18 academic year sees the continued success of this programme growing into something new. In addition to the initial literacy week, there will be follow up weeks in both the spring and summer terms, with this year’s students being the first to enjoy an extended programme of events.

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Safeguarding Message

As winter approaches and the nights are getting darker much earlier, we are talking to our students about travelling to and from school safely. Please can you share the key messages below with your child:
  • Do not walk home alone - always walk with a friend or group
  • Keep to well lit roads and avoid taking short cuts or passageways
  • Do not have your electronic devices out and visible
  • Do not use phones or iPods whilst crossing roads. Try not to use ear or headphones as you won`t be able to hear oncoming traffic or people approaching you
  • If you see anyone acting suspiciously make your way to the nearest public place i.e. a shop and report your concern
  • Do not approach anyone who you do not know

If you have any concerns about walking home alone please go directly to your Year Office for support. Do not leave school if you are concerned.

As the dark evenings draw in can we ask families to ensure that they are also stressing the importance of travel safety and that you are aware of the route your child takes to and from school.

Please contact your Year Office if you have any further questions or concerns.

Can we also remind parents to read our Snow and Bad Weather policy.

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December Year 11 PPEs Timetable

The December Year 11 PPEs Timetable can now be viewed on the Timetables page.
NB: Some exams are scheduled at the same time as others and this may result in a clash. Students will receive personal timetables on Monday 20th November with details of exam locations and seat numbers. If a student has an exam clash between two subjects this will be resolved on their timetable with an alternative exam session.

College Open Days

All Year 11 students are invited to attend local college Open Days to get more information on their preferred courses and make necessary decisions on which colleges they would be interested in applying to. Students are advised to attend as many college open days as they can in order to compare the courses and facilities on offer.
You can view when all the local college Open Days are by accessing our Post 16 website.

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