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Year 7 Showcase

On Monday 20th (THEKIN) and Tuesday 21st  November (GSWAYC), our Year 7 students took part in the Music Department’s annual ‘Year 7 Showcase’. Once again, this featured each form performing two songs, which they had worked on in music lessons during the first half-term, followed by a massed performance featuring all of the forms who performed that evening.

Both nights were extremely well attended, and the support from families and staff was overwhelming. The students sang with confidence and passion, despite it being the very first time some students had performed in public at all. Featuring a wide variety of songs, both old and new, the evening was a resounding success, and the feedback has been extremely positive. The Music Department would like to thank all of the year 7 students who contributed to the performances each evening for their dedication and enthusiasm. We look forward to further performance opportunities in the future.

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World War I Production

The Quantum Theatre brought their production 'World War I' to The Kingsway School. Two brilliant actors took on the roles of Austro-Hungarian Franz Ferdinand, the German Kaiser and our very own Lord Kitchener along with many other characters including soldiers, wives, mothers and even footballers!

The play told the story of the war from the long term causes right through to the end of the end of World War I. They did this through comedy, song and serious acting. The year 9 pupils were enthralled by the performance and some were even recruited into the army and marched along the stage with the actors.

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Year 7 Information Evening Presentation

Thank you for taking time to attend our Year 7 Information Evening.

Below is the presentation that was shown on the night. Inside you will find information on our curriculum, maths and English teaching, and our approaches to monitoring and assessment.

Make a note in your diary!
Year 7 Parents' Evening is March 22nd. You will have to the opportunity to meet with subject teachers to discuss progress and achievement. 

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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 11

It was another great week at Kingsway last week!

As it was anti-bullying week, our Anti-Bullying Coordinator (or Mr. ABC), Mr Moore, fronted our assemblies. The theme was "All Different, All Equal" and there was a beautiful performance by year 11 student Ellie Nichols.

The week culminated with Trainer Day, where students could wear their trainers to school as a sign of 'stamping out' bullying at The Kingsway School.

The current focus for our teaching staff is to make marking more manageable, meaningful and motivating. This is in response to recent studies on work load challenges for teachers, where according to the Education Policy Institute, the average teacher works 48 hours per week, with one in five working 60+ hours per week. Much of the time spent by teachers outside the classroom is marking students' work. This is why we have decided to focus our professional development programme for teachers on marking and ensuring it is impacting on students' progress. Whilst you may not see every piece of your child's work marked, you should be seeing key pieces marked in detail with constructive feedback on how student can improve or develop their work. There is also an expectation for students to engage in this dialogue with their teachers and so you will see teachers' marking in green pen, and students' response to that feedback in red pen.

We allow time for students to reflect on their teachers' marking in MAD (make a difference) time during the lesson. Students are encouraged to think hard about how they can improve their work and learn from the feedback they have received. Teachers will also give opportunities for students to self-assess their work and peer-assess (give feedback to someone else's work). All these strategies are aimed at making it clear to students how well they are developing their understanding and what they need to do to make further progress. As always, we welcome parents' feedback. if you have any comments regarding marking of your child's work, please drop an email to: headteacher@kingsway.stockport.sch.uk. Whilst I may not reply to each individual email, your comments are always taken on board and shared with colleagues in the school.

I can't believe we have just 5 school weeks to go until this term is over. It seems only a short while ago I was soaking up the sun in Spain. My flip flops and sundresses have long been packed away in the loft and replaced with wooly jumpers and Ugg boots! Time certainly flies in education, however this is bitter-sweet. Yes, the summer comes around fast again, but we have so much to achieve in the meantime.

We have already begun to plan for 2018/19 and this includes the holiday pattern for next Christmas, which will be similar to this year. We will be breaking up on Friday 21st December 2018 (this may end up being an INSET day) and returning to school on Monday 7th January 2019. A chance for you to book early for some winter sun!

Have a lovely week.

Mrs J. Lowe

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