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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 27

You can’t have a rainbow without any rain

The media reports that we are the ‘lost COVID generation’ due to the loss of social and economic opportunities. I’m not sure I agree with this conjecture. I believe we are a generation who has shown resilience and flexibility. In particular our students have faced much uncertainty and upheaval from their routine, but the last week in school has shown just how resolute they are - settling back into the rhythm of school like ducks to water.

Like many headteachers, I am immensely proud of our response to the exceptional circumstances we have faced. A favourite quote from Maya Angelou is “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” 

Pre-COVID we were doing our best, COVID showed us what reserves we had in our tank to do even better. There is a great energy in school which is powering us to be even better and do even better for our students and their futures. 

I have felt more positive this last week than I have for a while. The sun is shining and I can sit outside and enjoy the company of friends and family. Whilst booking a holiday abroad is not yet in my plans, I have been polishing up my geography and choosing some places to visit in the UK this summer - and there are some fabulous places with beautiful scenery and plenty of culture and history. So whilst this summer may not be lounging by the pool, sipping sangria - it will be a summer of exploration and appreciation of what is on our doorstep.

Yes - COVID has been an unwelcome interruption in our lives - but it has also reminded me that if it wasn’t for the rain, we would never see the rainbows!

One disappointing piece of news this week is that we have had to cancel our Prom for Year 11. This will be the second year running where we have not been able to hold our annual event - a glittering occasion to mark the end of the cohort’s time at The Kingsway School. We remain hopeful that we can celebrate in some way before they leave later this term with a fitting assembly.

Congratulations to Kingsway’s U16 Box Football team who won the equivalent of the FA cup at Box Football on Friday evening at the U16s Football Stockport competition. They are a year young too!

Holly D, Leah C, Ellie B, Anna H, Dakota P and thanks to Emily F who came as reserve in case any got injured.

It was great to see many of our enrichment opportunities commencing this week. We’ve been delighted with the number of students who have been attending. This week also saw a new addition to our sporting enrichment programme with a Marathon Challenge aimed at early birds. Mr Howarth will be running a weekly session, every Thursday at 7:30am to see if our students can complete the equivalent of a marathon in the remaining school weeks. To give us some encouragement we got a special mention on Chris Evans’ breakfast show!

We also continued the celebrations from the end of term assemblies by recognising both the tutor groups and individuals who achieved the highest in the numeracy ninja challenge. Well done to everyone who participated.

COVID Home testing

It has been amazing to see the mature way in which students have responded to home testing, and thank you for all your support at home. The overwhelming majority of students are involved in home testing, and collected their latest batch of test kits this week. We have not been given any indication of when the home testing arrangements are due to end and will continue to issue kits until notified by the DfE to stop. We recommend testing on Sunday evening/Monday morning and Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. Please remember all your results must be reported to NHS Test and Trace, but only the positive results must be reported to school using

The most important measure is not to come to school if anybody in the household is symptomatic. Again, please notify us using the COVID email address.

Detention reminders

We are mindful of the uncertainty created by Lockdown but our school routines help to provide a framework for students to return to some kind of normality. With the disruption in routine it is worth remembering that school detentions are on a Tuesday and Thursday after school. Students will have had a chance to resolve issues before they reach the Whole School detention. Students who miss detentions will have an escalation in their sanction. Please remind your son and daughter if they have a detention. You will be able to find information about these in the Class Charts app.

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Monday 3rd May Bank Holiday
Tuesday 4th May Year 11 Mini Exams Start
Thursday 6th May 2021, 5-8pm Year 10 Parents’ Evening

Have a lovely week, and stay safe and well.

Mrs J. Lowe

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Virtual Year 10 Parents’ Evening

We would like to invite you to attend our Virtual Year 10 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 6th May, between 5pm and 8pm.

The current COVID-19 pandemic means that face-to-face appointments will not be possible and meetings will need to be held virtually. We have introduced a new and easy to use online Parents’ Evening system. The system allows you to schedule your own Parents’ Evening appointments and attend appointments via video call.

Appointments can be made from Thursday 22nd April.

Please visit to book your appointments. Login with the following information:

  • Parent Title
  • Parent Surname
  • Student’s First Name
  • Student’s Surname
  • Student’s Date of Birth

A video guide about how to login, book appointments and manage the video appointments can be viewed here:

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the Year team who will be able to discuss arranging telephone calls with teachers.

Please note that all appointments are strictly limited to 5 minutes duration. After the five minutes have elapsed, the video call will automatically end so that all appointments keep to time. A countdown clock will appear on your screen so that you know how much time remains.

Invite another parent or guardian

A new feature of the Parents Evening System is the ability to invite another parent or guardian to your appointments. You can do this once you have made your bookings (or when you later log in and go to My Bookings). More details can be found on the Video Appointments: Parents - How to attend appointments over video call page.

On the night itself

Visit and sign in and your appointments will load at the correct time.  All you need to do is be signed in and your appointments will automatically appear at the correct time.

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Year 6 Welcome Evening – Class of 2026

See below the Year 6 Welcome Evening video where you can hear from Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Wardle and other members of our Transition Team including Headteacher, Mrs Lowe and our Head Boy & Girl. We hope you enjoy watching it!

Our Transition Team is hosting a live Q&A on our Class of 2026 Facebook group from 5:45pm. We hope that this will allow for greater engagement and interaction and enable you as parents/carers to ask us questions directly. Following this event, we will also post a FAQ sheet to share with families.

If you aren't on Facebook please email any questions to

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Leavers 2020 Certificate Collection

The Kingsway School is pleased to invite the leavers from 2020 to collect their certificates. We are inviting students to come in during allocated time slots to reduce the number of students in at any time. Please see below for timings:

Reg Group Date Time
11A Tuesday 25th May 3:30pm - 4pm
11C Tuesday 25th May 4pm - 4:30pm
11E Tuesday 25th May 4:30pm - 5pm
11G Tuesday 25th May 5pm - 5:30pm
11H Wednesday 26th May 3:30pm - 4pm
11I Wednesday 26th May 4pm - 4:30pm
11K Wednesday 26th May 4:30pm - 5pm
11N & 11R Wednesday 26th May 5pm - 5:30pm
11S Thursday 27th May 3:30pm - 4pm
11T Thursday 27th May 4pm - 4:30pm
11W Thursday 27th May 4:30pm - 5pm
11Y Thursday 27th May 5pm - 5:30pm

Please only come at your allocated session time. If you are unable to come at your time please email Ms Page at to arrange an alternative time. 

You should come to the Foxland Campus to the main reception. Only one student will be allowed in the building at a time so please wait in a queue outside and keep to social distancing rules. You will need to bring a facemask with you as well as your own pen to sign for your certificates. You will also need to bring in photo ID such as your driving licence, passport, travel pass or student ID.

We look forward to seeing you soon. 

The Exams Team

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Travel in Greater Manchester Update

Travel in Greater Manchester has changed and will be busier than before, which has now affected some services at The Kingsway School. We are currently speaking with TFGM about the issues highlighted to us by parents and students recently.

In preparation for travelling to and from school please find a reminder of key messages. We will post an update as soon as a solution/response is received.

Please can all students cycle or walk to campus if they can. However, if they need to use public transport, they should remember to:

  • Wear a face covering on-board and in stations and interchanges, unless they are under 11 or exempt for another reason.
  • Keep their distance where they can on platforms, stops, stations and on-board.
  • Clean their hands frequently and carry hand sanitiser.
  • Use contactless payment, buying tickets online for smart cards or using mobile apps where possible or use exact change only if needing to pay with cash.
  • Try to leave home earlier to anticipate any delays of service or vehicles being full to capacity.

There will be more travel updates as restrictions are eased, so please keep checking the TfGM coronavirus travel page for the latest advice.

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