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Year 11 Yearbook and Leavers Hoodies Update

The Year 11 Yearbooks and leavers hoodies have arrived in school and we are arranging an opportunity for you to pick them up.

We will be based at Foxland reception from 10am-12pm on Thursday 4th June. 

Due to the current circumstances we will have to ensure appropriate social distancing measures are put in place. Therefore this will not be an opportunity to socialise, there will be a queuing system at 2m intervals and students will be invited to come into reception one at a time to collect their hoodie and yearbook. As soon as this has happened you will need to leave the school site.

If you missed the yearbook deadline there's good news! The company printed far too many by accident and so there are enough for all students. If one of your friends is unable to make it we are happy for you to pick up hoodies/yearbooks on their behalf.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Kind regards,
Mr Williams

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Parental FAQs – COVID-19

Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to extend our thanks to all families for their efforts in supporting our move to remote learning. We do not underestimate the impact that this change to our way of life has had on most families. Whilst some children may have adapted to this new mode of learning, others will be feeling stressed and anxious, and some will be feeling demotivated. These are all ‘normal’ reactions and as a school we hope we are supporting you in addressing key concerns as they arise.

Each year group has one Raising Standards Leader (RSL) who works alongside the Pastoral Head of Year to ensure all learners are able to access the curriculum.

Year RSL Name / School Email Address
7 Ms Hulance -
8 Mrs Bradley -
9 Ms Clarke -
10 Dr Holdsworth -
11 Mr Williams -

Please keep checking this page on a regular basis for updates.

Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers to support you in this next phase of remote learning.


What if my child falls behind?
Firstly, don’t worry! The work that is being set is to keep students’ engaged and involved with their subjects. We will modify our curriculum as required when they come back to school and ensure any gaps in their understanding are filled.

What if my child is getting overwhelmed with the amount of work that is being set?
The priority for all students at the moment is their well-being. The work that is being set is to help keep students engaged in learning. However, if this becomes unmanageable it is fine to focus on specific subjects for a while. Doing a little bit of something is better than doing nothing.

The Remote Learning Timetable has been designed to provide structure to students. If this appears overwhelming then ask your child to choose up to two subjects to study in one day.

How much work should my child be completing?
The simple answer is one size does not fit all. We ask that students try their best and attempt at least some of the work being set providing they are fit and well.

We have streamlined the setting of work down to 2-4 subjects per day with the expectation that each one will take no longer than an hour. For Year 10 students this may be slightly different due to the expectations that they will submit work.

We urge them to speak to their RSL if this becomes unmanageable. At the end of the day, you know your children best and have first-hand knowledge of how they are dealing with this situation. If you feel they are working too hard, advise them to take a little more free time; if you don’t think they are working hard enough, encourage them to do so – contact school if you would like us to assist with this.

What if my child runs out of work?
Children work at different speeds and there are always those in the classroom who require that little bit extra. The work being set by departments is more than enough academically so our advice is to encourage them to do other things they might enjoy or try something new. They can also engage in some of the challenges that are set by the year teams on the school message board. Wherever possible good old-fashioned reading always beats staring at a screen!

My child is unmotivated or refusing to complete their work. How can I encourage them to complete it? 
Firstly this is one of many ways people will be responding to this difficult time. Encourage your child to see the ‘bigger picture’ - that school work does matter and they will be back at school soon. Reward them for completing a set amount of work - free time to computer games / social media / a treat they enjoy. Ask for help from school if you would like a teacher to speak to them. If they become extremely unmotivated or depressive, seek support - we can help you with this.

How can my child get help if they need it?
If it is a subject specific issue the first port of call is the subject teacher. You can contact your subject teacher by email. All you need is their initial and surname. This can be found on your child’s timetable, or on the 'Our Staff' page on the school website.

For example, to contact Mr A Burniston you would email All our email addresses work this way.

If it is a general academic issue, for example; motivation to work during lockdown, you can contact the Raising Standards Leader for the year group.

If it is a pastoral issue, for example; having concerns about health and well-being, you can contact the Pastoral Head of Year.

Will there be catch up lessons when my child returns to school? How will this happen as I don’t want my child to stay in school until late every day?
All subject areas will adapt the curriculum so that lost learning time can be made up in lessons. This will include the introduction of a bespoke “recovery curriculum” to support students emotionally and socially in their transition back to school. More details will be available on this when students return to campus.

As always in Year 11, there will be after-school intervention opportunities but we do not anticipate these being on any larger scale than they have been in previous years.

Will the GCSEs be modified in 2021 ?
We await government information on any modifications. However, bear in mind that every examination candidate will be in the same position next year, having missed the same amount of school. This is significant because grade boundaries are set and grades are awarded according to performance of the candidates in that examination series only.

My child doesn’t know how to access their school email account from home. How can they do this?

  • Go to the school website:
  • Login to the school's Frog Learning Platform (at home or in school) or use the quick link at the top of the school website (Frog Icon).
  • Enter student's school username and password.
  • Once logged in, under 'Google Services' on the student dashboard is a link to 'Student Email' which logs them into their email account automatically.

How do we log into Class Charts?
Families can log into Class Charts by downloading the app for free from one of the app stores. Once registered with the service you will need a code to access your child’s profile. All families have been given this code. If you don’t have it, do not worry, all you need to do is email your child’s RSL and they will issue it to you again. Using this code, you can then access your child’s profile.

What is Google Classroom? How do we access it?
Many subjects are using Google Classroom to set work as it is a straightforward way for teachers to share documents with students. All subjects are setting their work in Class Charts initially so this is the first place that students should look to see what work has been set.

Year 10 students only are being asked to submit work through Google Classroom. This video is a ‘how to’ guide if you want more support on using Google Classroom.

How do I access the Frog noticeboard and what information is shared there?
Go to the school website and click on the Frog logo then enter your student login details. There is a noticeboard for each year group. For Years 7, 8 and 9, RSLs are supplementing subject lessons with optional daily challenges that students may want to “have a go at”. Year 10 and 11 RSLs are also communicating messages here which will be tailored to key stage four priorities. Year 10 main priority is to complete MILESTONE assessments which are posted by departments on Class Charts. These will be marked. Students should not worry about results, these will help us to see knowledge gaps on return to classrooms

We do not have access to a computer. How can we complete the set work?
If you are finding it difficult to access a computer for your child then please do call the school (0161 428 7706) and ask for the relevant Year team to return your call. Alternatively, you can email the Year team and request paper copies of all work set to be sent home. Please advise on the best home address if there is more than one. We are sending out paper packs of work every three weeks so there may be a delay from requesting to receiving work. If this is the case please do contact the relevant RSL who can support you in the meantime.

My child doesn’t want to study a certain subject as they find it difficult or are not taking it as an Option. Can you advise?
We advise that your child studies what they love, or what they are “best at” initially in order to foster engagement. It is advisable to keep up to date with all areas of the National Curriculum and so if they are finding a certain subject difficult or would not usually put it as their favourite then ask them to look at the task set from the teacher and attempt it for 15 minutes. If they are still struggling after that then they need to note their concerns in an email to their subject teacher who will most definitely look to support them.

I am concerned as my child has none of her school books at home to complete their work in.
Many students’ books are in school. We recommend that they start a folder or notebook for school work (which could be digital) that they can bring in and show their teachers once the restrictions are eased if they wish to.

Will Kingsway be delivering live lessons via the internet (e.g. on Zoom)?
When schools initially closed, Kingsway followed guidance from the local authority who advised against live lessons for safeguarding reasons. However, we have piloted some live/recorded lessons using new technology. There have been some initial glitches with this that we are currently working to rectify. At the moment it is a case of ‘watch this space’. The school will use the usual reporting methods to communicate if these type of lessons will be launched.

How can Parents and Carers keep updated with key information?
Students in Years 7-10 can go to their relevant year group tab on the message board every day to see a themed message from their RSL. Likewise parents can click on the “Parents” tab and see messages directed to them from the relevant RSL.

Mrs Lowe also writes a weekly blog. This contains key information as well as reflections on school life.

The school usually communicates with families via email but will also share key messages via social media and text. Should your email or phone number change then please do inform your child’s RSL who will update it centrally.

How can I share my child’s efforts at home with school?
We have created a Parent News online form which you can complete in order to share your child’s remote learning journey. This might be a project they are working on or a piece of work that they are most proud of. This work will be shared with key staff and celebrated. As families you can also recommend the awarding of up to three merits per item submitted.

When would my child get confirmation of the options they have picked for GCSE? 
Ms Linnecor (Deputy Headteacher) who is in charge of Options has advised that all students hae received their option choices which they confirmed with their form tutor in March 2020. The only exceptions are students who may have had an Options conversation with Ms Linnecor after submitting their choices to "iron out" some technical issues. There were very few of these conversations held.

And finally...
Thank you to all our families who are working alongside the school to support our remote learning opportunities. Please remember that in the year team, both the RSL and PHOY are available to support, suggest and action any concerns or queries. All families are having to cope with their own circumstances so please rest assured that the whole staff here in school is behind you every step of the way and recognises the efforts you are making to support our remote learning package.

Stay safe and well and please do keep in contact with us.

If you have any further questions for our RSLs, which haven’t been answered by the FAQs above, please complete this short form and they will do their best to answer them. General questions will be answered and added to these FAQs. Questions relating to specific students will be answered by email.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest Updates

Educational Resources

Work for all subjects will be available via Class Charts. All students have been sent their Class Charts log in codes to their student email accounts.  Additionally, parents/carers have been sent their parent access codes to the email address that has been provided for SIMS.  If you are having any difficulty accessing Class Charts, please complete the help form on this page.

Paris Trip Updates

17th June 2020

The finance department has begun to refund payments made for the Paris trip. Each individual payment has to be refunded separately, so refunds will arrive in a few installments. Please don't be concerned if you have only received a partial refund so far, we estimate that these will take around a week to complete.

Thank you for your patience.

5th June 2020 

As you know we have been waiting for our trip to be cancelled by PGL in order to try and acquire refunds for the deposits we've paid. On Monday we received confirmation from PGL that as government advice on travel has not been lifted, our trip has been officially cancelled from their end. We are incredibly disappointed to say that despite this, they are refusing to refund deposits.  We realise that many families may have financial concerns at this time and therefore the school is going to provide refunds to our parents/carers and claim the money back from the school's insurance. We are confident that we can reclaim all the money paid so far.

We are currently working with ParentPay in order to make this happen as soon as possible. We will be in touch again when we have details of the date on which you should expect a full refund of all payments made towards the trip.

Thank you so much for your patience whilst we have been sorting this.


Guidance and Latest Letters

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Public Transport Information for 11-16

The Local Authority has sent schools a reminder about students being able to use public transport at a concessionary rate.

All pupils age 11-16 must have an IGO card (from Transport for Greater Manchester) in order to travel on public transport at the concessionary rate, this also includes school services.  Pupils will need an IGO card to travel on school buses at a concessionary fare.

Pupils will also need to apply separately for the Yellow Bus scheme but will have to possess an IGO card as well.  Pupils will also need to apply for free school travel if they are eligible.

Applications can be made at the websites listed:

IGO passes - available now

Yellow Bus Scheme - available 1st June 30th June

Failure to apply for places on the Yellow Bus Scheme may result in the buses not being allocated this year.

Free school travel for eligible pupils - available week of the 6th May

Those pupils who are already in receipt of free school travel will receive a renewal letter over the next few days and do not need to reapply.

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A message to the Class of 2020

To the Class of 2020

I hope you are well... please be assured Kingsway has not forgotten you!

Whilst the Coronavirus has probably rocked your world as you knew it - Mrs Flood has asked our local 6th form colleges to send you some messages of reassurance (see below).

We know that there was a lot that you have missed out on... GCSE exams being the priority. But also the fun stuff like Leavers' Hoodies, Prom and Year Books. Mr Williams and Mrs Guess are currency discussing ways in which we can truly celebrate your time at Kingsway. Keep an eye on your emails and the Year 11 message board for more information.

Finally, whilst the formal GCSEs exams you were expecting are not taking place this summer, remember there's lots of work you can be getting on with on KOL set by your teachers who are available to answer any questions by email.

Sending you and your family my best wishes,

Mrs J. Lowe

Dear Kingsway Year 11,

I hope you are all well and keeping busy during this difficult time.  It is a strange and disturbing time for everyone and we will all be affected in different ways.  I am sorry your education has been disrupted at this crucial time.  It will be important for you to keep active in both mind and body during the enforced closures.

Please be assured that we will adjust our procedures to ensure you are all given the best opportunities however they decide to grade GCSEs.

Take care and look after yourselves and family.

Kind regards,

Danny Pearson
Principal Aquinas

Dear Kingsway student,

Please feel reassured that if you have been made an offer of a place at Loreto College this offer is still available to you. College staff will support you with course choices at enrolment. We hope you stay well over the coming months and look forward to welcoming you to Loreto.

Take care and with best wishes,

Mrs Pritchard
Deputy Principal

Dear Kingsway Year 11 students,

The time has come to bid farewell to your school which has supported you in your journey so far. Whatever you have learned from this institution,

it will enable you to stand in good stead in future situations. It will guide and make your life successful through the tools of  academic, moral and spiritual development for the challenges that you may face in the future.

Go forth and embrace your upcoming journey, either at college or an apprenticeship with open arms, and enthusiastically pursue your own life journey of skills discovery, service to others and live a happy and successful life.

I look forward to welcoming some of you at Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College in September and until then wish you all the very best.

Mohammed Ramzan
Transition Principal and Accounting Officer

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