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New School Arrangements – September 2020

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to school. During the summer we have been working very hard to make sure that we minimise the risks from COVID-19.

It does mean that school will be organised very differently from when you were last in lessons. To help you we’ve included some of the main changes below:


The school buildings will not be open until 8.15am, you will not be able to enter school before then. If you do arrive early you will need to wait in the designated area for your Year group.

The start and end times of the day have remained the same.

Everybody must be in school by 8.30am.

Year Group Zones

On Foxland we will have Years 10, 9 and 7, and on Broadway we have Years 11 and 8.

Your lessons will be taught mainly in these zones and you will not be able to mix between Year zones.

We have made the following arrangements for you to enter school at the start of each day.

  • Year 10 - wait at the back of Foxland and enter school under the bridge at the bottom of the quad.
  • Year 9 - wait on the playground at the front of Foxland and enter by the front doors near reception.
  • Year 7 - wait at the side of Foxland by the maths square, and enter under the bridge between the two towers.
  • Year 11 - wait on the back Broadway playground and enter school via the main doors by Food Tech into Broadway.
  • Year 8 - wait at the side area of Broadway next to Technology, and use student services to enter school.


Break times will be spent in your Year groups.  There will not be any movement between campuses.

Each Year group will have a specific time when you can eat in the canteen. You will not be able to use the canteen at other times. The canteens will be cleaned between Year groups.

Broadway Foxland
Break 1 Break 2 Break 1 Break 2
Year 8 Year 11 Year 10 Year 9
Year 7

Foxland break 2 will be adjusted to allow both Year groups to use the canteen separately.

Form Rooms

When you come into school go straight to your new form rooms.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Form Room Form Room Form Room Form Room Form Room
T F14 T B12 T F2 T F33 T B21
H F17 H B13 H F7 H F32 H B37
E F19 E B7 E F10 E F43 E B41
K F15 K B14 K F5 K F34 K B38
I F20 I B20 I F6 I F27 I B0
N F21 N B18 N F4 N F28 N B1
G F18 G B17 G F8 G F29 G B36
S F22 S B19A S F3 S F48 S B2
W F23 W B19B W F47 W B3
A F24 A B10 A F9 A F44 A B25
Y F25 Y B9 Y F1 Y F37 Y B4
C F26 C B8 C F36 C B5

Face Coverings

From the start of term students and staff at The Kingsway School must wear a face covering in corridors, communal areas and on buses. Please make your child aware of this and ensure that they have an appropriate face covering for school.

There are other changes which we will need to get used to and we will go through these with you during your first days back in school.

All these adjustments have been put in place to keep you, your family, teachers and our community safe.

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Park & Stride Scheme

We are delighted to announce that our local friends Sainbury's at Cheadle Royal are supporting our Park and Stride strategy from 1st September. In Car Park A (nearest the petrol station) there will be a limited number of spaces for parents to use in order to park safely away from the school entrance and allow their child to walk the rest of the way to and from school.

It is proven that even a short daily walk can be greatly beneficial and this scheme has the added benefit of reducing pollution around the school, improving local congestion and enhancing the COVID safety measures in school.

We have devised a safe walking route which is below. Estimated walking time is 20 minutes.

Please note that this is subject to available space at Sainsbury's using any available bays in Car Park A. Parents should remain in vehicles unless using the store. Please be prepared to move your car should the space be needed by a customer.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Sainsbury's for supporting the school's aims in improving safety and wellbeing for our students.

  1. From Sainsbury’s Car Park A, walk toward the recycling centre and use the designated footpath through the petrol station to reach the road
  2. Cross using the zebra crossing towards the cycle path signposted Cheadle and proceed under the subway towards Bruntwood Park
  3. Near the park entrance, turn left and follow the cycle route along Schools Hill, crossing at the bollards
  4. Take the first left to emerge on the A34 and continue towards school, using the subway if you are attending the Foxland Campus, or the pedestrian lights if you are attending Broadway.

The route is a designated cycle way. Please cross at allocated points and proceed with caution at all times. Students should avoid the route over the roundabout as there are fewer safe crossing points.

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Virtual School Launch

We hope you and your families are safe and well. We were absolutely delighted with the news at the beginning of this week, in which Government said that they were working to ensure all schools would be fully open to students in September. Whilst we await more details on what this may look like, we are excited at the thought of seeing all our students again.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been supporting the return of our Year 10 students for some face to face delivery and it has been a pleasure catching up with them again. During this time, we have also been working hard on developing a Virtual School offer. We have been trialling with small groups and also checking the infrastructure and systems will cope with a larger cohort of students and we are delighted to say that as from 29th June we will be supplementing the remote learning package with live online lessons.

In the first week of our virtual school, we will be delivering a smaller scale offer to each year group, whilst they familiarise themselves with the system and this new approach to learning. The following weeks will see this increase to every subject offering live lessons to every year group until the end of term.

We have included timetables at the end of the letters below, which will show you and your child what lessons are available and when. We hope that you will take a few minutes to discuss with your child/ren how important their engagement in these lessons will be to developing a learning mind-set ready for their return to school.

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Year 9 Transition to GCSE Information

The below document has been designed to support your child in their transition to Year 10. It contains key information relating to Examination Boards which you might find useful in supporting your child. It also contains information which your child may want to access now, in preparation for commencing their studies in Year 10. They may want to access this work in the final four weeks of the school term and as holiday work.

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s subject teachers, or

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Class Charts – Wellbeing Module

We hope that this message finds you and your loved ones safe and well and that you are managing with todays 'normal'. In school things are feeling and looking very different - however this does not mean that we have forgotten about each individual child and how they may be managing with the ongoing pandemic. 

When your child is in school we are constantly observing, managing and supporting their wellbeing and emotional responses as appropriate. In the current world this is obviously an increasing challenge. For this reason we would like to help you to share any concerns that you may have for your child whilst they are at home so that we can support and advise them and you more effectively. We have now created a new section on our Class Charts facility called 'Wellbeing'. This section will allow you to alert your child's Form Tutor/Pastoral Head of Year to any worries for your child, or indeed if you want to let us know how well they are coping and successes. You may want to let us know for example, if your child is concerned about a return to school, exam stress, sleep/eating routines, friendship issues, online bullying, anxiety or something else. 

There are the 4 easy steps to doing this:

  1. Log in to Class Charts (or the App) and select the Wellbeing tab.
  2. Click on the face icon that most accurately reflects your child's emotions.
  3. Add a description for the wellbeing submission in the box below the icons.
  4. Press send.

Your submission will go directly to your child's Form Tutor and Pastoral Head of Year who can then get back in contact with you to discuss further if needed.

We hope that you will find this new Wellbeing tool helpful and an effective and an easy route to communicate with us. If you have any issues with accessing Class Charts and the App please complete the Class Charts Log in Help form.

Please also remember that you can email individual members of staff if you would prefer.

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