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COVID-19 Half Term Update – 28th October 2020

Unfortunately, we have been notified that two of our students have tested positive for COVID-19 during the half term holiday. One is in Year 7 and the other in Year 9. Both of these students were in school, for at least a day, when they might have been infectious.

We have already identified close contacts and have communicated with the affected families through our Schoolcomms system. These students will now have to self-isolate, but other members of the family do not.
The case in Year 7 largely affects members of forms 7G and 7N.

If you believe we have missed your son or daughter from the list of close contacts, please inform the relevant Pastoral Head of Year for further advice.

Those students who are close contacts will not be able to return to school until Monday 9th November. Later this week, we will issue further information explaining how work will be set.

All other students will return on Tuesday 3rd November as normal.

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COVID-19 Year 11 Update – 23rd October 2020

Unfortunately, we have a further confirmed case of COVID-19 amongst our Year 11 students. We have been working on the close contacts, which has meant that we now need to add a number of students to the close contact list issued yesterday.

All students who have been added to this list will have been sent a message through our Schoolcomms system, including details of self-isolation. Furthermore, we are making phone calls this afternoon to those students concerned.

If your son or daughter develops symptoms during the half term, please arrange a test, and communicate any positive results to school at There is the remote possibility that a further case may require us to complete another process of identifying close contacts. We will communicate any new information to you during the holidays.

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COVID-19 Year 11 Update – 22nd October 2020

We have now been able to identify all the close contacts of the students who tested positive for COVID-19. These families have been informed by our School Comms system, with an additional phone call from the Year Office. These phone calls are planned to be completed by the end of Friday.

We are pleased to say that all other Year 11 students are not close contacts and do not need to self-isolate.

As a further precaution, tomorrow we will continue with live lessons taking place according to students’ timetables, starting with their form tutor at 8.30am. The vast majority of Year 11 will return to school on Tuesday 3rd November.

This has been an extraordinary half term for everybody, students, families and staff. We hope that you keep safe and are able to find some respite despite the restrictions we are under.

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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 7

When is a classroom not a classroom?

When it’s your bedroom or living room or kitchen table!

With more students self-isolating for various reasons, the classroom can be very different for each child. When we asked year 10 on their return where their learning took place, we had many different responses. My advice is to have a clear space at home for school work, whether isolating or just for homework/revision at the end of the day. It needs to be a space away from distractions (e.g. TV, X box etc.) and a tidy space - a cluttered desk can cause a cluttered mind.

I know when I am working at home in the evening or at the weekend, I need to make sure I have done my housework chores first. I then light a candle with a calming aroma and get my head down to working.

One year 10 example of great learning from home is Charlie L: “Yesterday, I completed 1 of the activities from the English remote learning, 2 hours of maths revision, watched 2 x 20 minute biology videos as revision for the test that I was meant to take part in that day and planning for my spanish writing exam”. Here are some examples of Charlie’s work:

How fabulous is this… Leland H in 8C has his very own Kingsway mask! I see an opening in the market…

The following information has been provided by the local authority for families living in Stockport:

  • We advise against all social contact with people from outside your home. Up to six people from different households can legally meet – maintaining social distance - in parks, but not in homes and gardens.
  • Picking children up from school who aren’t in your household is social contact, and isn’t allowed unless you have formed a childcare bubble.
  • A childcare bubble is where someone in one household can provide informal (meaning unpaid and unregistered) childcare to a child aged 13 or under in another household. This must occur on an exclusive basis – always the same two households, and never more than two households.
  • If people don’t follow these rules, it increases the chance that they, their children, and potentially their class or year group bubble at school will need to self-isolate at home for up to two weeks.

Does your child have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities? If so, you may be interested in the public consultation which was launched on Friday 9th October, closing on Friday 4th December 2020. This consultation follows a 6 month review of the Dedicated School’s Grant (DSG) - the £32 Million that Stockport spends on SEND provision.

A stakeholder video can be accessed here:

To have your say on the future of SEND provision and view the consultation, visit:

In addition to the online public consultation currently being undertaken by Stockport MBC on the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) Review, the council are also running a number of focus groups to understand individuals’ perspectives on the recommendations that have been put forward. These will be taking place online via Zoom:

  • Parents and carers of a child who is accessing SEND Support - 18th November 2020 at 19:15 - 20:30. This focus group will be facilitated by PACTs (Parent and Carers Together Stockport) and Stockport Council.
  • Parents and carers of a child who has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) - 18th November 2020 at 10:30 This focus group will be facilitated by Qa Research, an independent market and social research organisation, on behalf of Stockport Council.

If you would like to take part in a focus group, please email your name, email and phone number and indicate which workshop you would like to take part in to

The council are also offering support for families with remote learning:

Venue: Stockport College

Course Length: 5 weeks

Date/Time: Thursday 5th November to 3rd December

Everything we do today involves using a computer. This course is particularly relevant to the current situation with Covid-19 which has meant that many services, including education, has moved on-line.

If you would like to improve your computer skills so you can support your child’s learning
on-line then this short course is for you.

The course covers a number of topics including:

- Using computers (identifying and solving basic technical problems)
- Communicating online
- How to use online software e.g. Microsoft Teams/Zoom
- Staying safe on-line
- Useful websites to help support learning

Sessions are delivered by an experienced tutor in a very supportive environment.

There is no charge but you are expected to attend all five sessions. Social distancing will be in place and learners will need to follow appropriate health & safety guidelines as advised at enrolment.


On our return after half term, The Kingsway School will have transferred from Abney Trust to Education Learning Trust. This transfer means that we will be part of a collaboration of local schools working together to bring about improved outcomes and educational experience for all our students. There will be no noticeable differences for our parents, carers and students - our school day, uniform, staffing and governors will remain the same. Behind the scenes, our staff will be working in teams to develop their practice for the benefit of your children. I look forward to sharing with you some examples of this partnership working in the coming months.

Finally, as half term approaches, please make sure you all stay safe and well. The current lockdown rules will impact on how you will relax or spend time with your friends and family - nonetheless, I hope you all have a really lovely week.

Mrs J. Lowe

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COVID-19 Update – 22nd October 2020

We have been informed that a student in Year 10 at The Kingsway School has been tested positive for COVID-19. We are in contact with our local Health Protection Team and Local Authority and are implementing the measures which they recommend.

We would like to reassure all students and parents that we are working closely with the relevant authorities to minimise the impact.

With immediate effect Year 10 will need to isolate at home until early further notice. Please do not send students into school today. We are working to identify close contacts. Our intention is to allow those who are not direct close contacts back into school as soon as possible.

Students should log in to form time via Google Classroom at 8:30am for further instructions about work to complete.   

We will send out further information and advice as we receive it.

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