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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 27

Monday 30th March 2020

I hope you are all well and had a nice weekend.

If like me, you ventured to the supermarket, you will have seen just how different our world has become. I happily queued up, waiting for general public shopping on Saturday, and got chatting to a few people in the queue (2 metres away). It was such a lovely atmosphere of community spirit.

The staff at the supermarket were great, keeping everyone well informed and happy. Once inside, it was all very civilised and I was able to pick up everything I needed for myself and my parents who are isolating.

Back to school today and myself, Mr Carr, Mr Oldham and Mr Traynor supervised our merry band of 5 students. They started with a bit of reading of ‘Oliver Twist’ with Mr Carr, our librarian. At 9am they bounced into the hall (not really, more like dragged their feet!) to do the daily workout with Joe Wicks (they just love it ….not!). Mr Carr was pretty good at it 🙂

After Joe Wicks, they did some literacy work using vocabulary Ninja’s word of the day. Today’s word was ‘HEAP’.

After break, Mr Traynor took over to do some work on Spanish culture. Mr Traynor reported: “Pupils learnt information about Spain and Spanish speaking countries. They then completed individual research on a La Tomatina, La Feria de Abril, Las Sanfermines and Las Fallas. They were most interested in La Tomatina and had a discussion about animal rights in the context of Las Sanfermines. We all looked at the Mexican festival Día de los muertos and made our own calaveras!”

The day finished with a mile and a half walk and then finished with completing some work set by teachers online. All in all, a good start to week 2.

Our Kingsway Coronavirus Hero this week is Mrs Djang who has also volunteered to support the NHS by being a telephone contact for those who are elderly or vulnerable during this crisis.

Well done to Oscar Millington in Year 7, who shared his geography work on eco-friendly buildings with his very impressed teacher, Mrs Clarke. Please keep sharing the work our students are completing at home; you are all doing such a good job out there. Thank you.

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Today was a day of cardio and creativity!

Thank you to Miss Hunt, Mrs Jones (Art teacher) and Mrs Jones (Transition mentor), who supported our students today.

After a morning read and Joe Wicks, Miss Hunt took the students to the Cardio Suite for more exercise: “We put some music on and the students completed as many of the 8 cardio and strength challenges as they could, including rowing, cycling, running, tricep dips and a timed plank. We recorded their scores and the Beckett siblings got very competitive - there were only 2 points between them by the end of the session!”

They then helped Mrs Bradbury-Cheetham to finish their spray painting in the quad. Mr Sadler even had a go!

Mrs Jones then did some more Art work: “Students created stand-up cards inspired, by the work of an illustrator/designer. Excellent outcomes were produced by Bethany Beckett, Aidan Beckett and Gypsy Mongan. Well done - you are fabulous young artists!”

Following their one mile walk with both Mrs Jones, they returned to complete more work set by their teachers online, remembering to communicate by email once done.

Our Coronavirus Heroes today are Mrs Burgess and Mrs Guess, who came in to collect some dried foods and feminine hygiene products to share with Chelwood Foodbank in Adswood, Stockport.  As you can imagine, the staff at Chelwood were absolutely delighted.

Please can I remind parents that, whilst not in school, students should not be leaving the house to congregate with their friends. We have had reports that some students (not necessarily from Kingsway) have been meeting up at Bruntwood Park and other local places. This is completely against the government’s advice and dangerous for their health and that of others. Please make sure you know that your children are abiding by the government instructions to stay home, stay safe.

Thank you.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Thank you to Mr Weil, Miss Francis, Miss Slater and Miss Halligan, who came into school to support our students today.

Students are now used to the routine of reading, Joe Wicks, learning, walking and independent work. Having a timetable helps them to feel comfortable, knowing what the structure of what the day will bring - even though the content may vary.

Miss Halligan started the day: “We looked at how Shakespeare has influenced the English language through his plays!”.

After break, Miss Slater took over: “Today we have been learning about some celebrities that speak other languages (Shakira speaks the most with 5!). We then started competing against each other on duolingo and looked at some funny translations. We now know that we are better at French than Google translate!”

“We have also been doing some Tik Tok dances. I can do the steps to renegade very slowly but not when the song is playing! I'll have to practise so we can do it all together next time! Thank you to Aidan, Beth and Gypsy for being excellent company today!”

In the afternoon, Miss Francis and Miss Slater took the students for their daily mile walk: “Aiden was very sprightly during our walk (see skipping the picture). We talked about cats and dogs and how Aiden's dog Chloe is almost as big as him (it is an Alsatian).  Miss Slater told us a funny story of her friend’s cats biting her face...she now dislikes cats.”

Finally, the local authority has brought to our attention a scam, which has appeared in the last 18 hours or so. It says something like: ‘As schools are now closed and you are identified as being eligible to receive vouchers for Free School Meals. You are required to urgently provide details to ensure that you do not miss out. Since these are electronic vouchers, they are being paid directly into your bank account and so you are required to send your bank account details and sort code details. Please respond via text to . . . ‘


Our Kingsway Coronavirus Hero today is Year 11 student, Eleanor Burgess who was very resourceful and creative at home, highlighting the importance of staying home to save the pressure on our NHS.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Thursday’s team comprised of Miss Heard, Miss Dean, Ms Watson and Mr Knott along with our two entrepid students. The day started with some reading after meeting in the canteen, this was followed with the usual fitness routine from Joe Wicks - although, Mrs Heard was probably the most active.

The group then had a session of reading. This included reading Billionaire Boy - a story about a boy whose dad invented a special type of toilet paper, and made a fortune. I think we can call that a contemporary theme!

Afterwards Miss Heard and Miss Dean explored persuasive forms of writing. They looked at different forms including poems, speeches and raps. After studying different techniques they were then challenged to come up with their own persuasive writing about the Covid 19 pandemic. Their creative juices flowed with the expert help on hand, and to finish off they were able to enact their pieces.

By now it was time for some more exercise and everybody, along with Mr Knott ventured on a 1.5 mile walk, occasionally able to enjoy the sunshine breaking through the clouds.

Having completed the on-line learning by popular request we spent the final part of the day in the cardio suite.

Friday 3rd April 2020

It’s Friday and the end of the Spring Term, but not as we know it.

Thank you to Miss Woodyer , Mrs Bartle, Mrs Lucas, Mrs Burgess and Mr McNulty who came into school to support our students today.

Who says three's a crowd! After the usual meet and greet , the three students who joined us today started with a bit of reading of ‘Billionaire Boy’ with Mr Mc Nulty. At 9am prompt, they arrived eagerly at the Hall. I couldn't decide whether they were smiling because they were looking forward to doing Joe Wicks’ Spiderman themed routine or because of the fact that this was the last one of the week! Eventually, I decided they were just pleased to see that all of the staff were taking part, which added to the entertainment . Mr McNulty was pretty good, even if he was wearing his suit unlike some others who have all the gear but have no idea!

After a quick cool down and some much needed H2O, they headed to B25 for a coding session using the BBCmicrobit. Each student managed to create a program and with a little help, one of them even created a game of rock, paper scissors on this tiny programmable device - very impressive.

After a short break, they went on to create something a little more yummy and satisfying for some. They made flapjacks in one of our food technology classrooms with Mrs Lucas, and some also made a mess! They were excellent at cleaning up though.

After lunch, students worked with Mrs Lucas again; this time they were plotting coordinates to draw an Easter egg before heading off for a brisk walk around Cheadle Village, accompanied by Miss Woodyer and Mrs Bartle. Miss Woodyer forgot to map the route but confidently says it was at least as far as Mr Knott’s Mile and a half on Thursday and probably faster .

Following their walk, they returned to work in B25 with Miss Woodyer and there is no prizes for guessing what she had them doing: more coding. All three students coded a dance party dance I am not sure who enjoyed it more, the students or Miss Woodyer!

Our local authority have sent schools a Family Easter Activity Challenge for the Easter holiday period.

Also today, the Department for Education released guidance to schools, parents and students about the awarding of GCSE grades for the current Year 11 cohort. A letter to students can be found by following this link:

All Stockport schools have been keen to support key workers during this national crisis and we will be available throughout the Easter holidays (including Good Friday and Easter Monday) to any front-line parents who need a school place for their child. Whilst all our families are following government advice and taking every step NOT to send their child into school, we appreciate that the situation is changeable for a few key workers (e.g. emergency services).

If you find you need an emergency place for your child at short notice, please ring the following number no later than 10pm the night before, 0161 495 2385 and leave a voicemail including the child's name and form.

It is so lovely to hear about the amazing work of different members of our local community, supporting where they can. There are loads of ‘good news’ stories out there. If you or someone you know has done something lovely, please share with me so I can post out to our community.

For example, Last week, my family and I collected all our unused hand cream, face cream, moisturisers, soaps etc and boxed them up to give to my neighbour, who took them to the hospital where she worked to distribute to the nurses there. They were very grateful.

Wishing you all a lovely Easter. Stay home and stay safe.

Mrs J. Lowe

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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 26

Monday 23rd March 2020

So our first day of 'almost' closed school. We had 20 students booked in for supervision today but only ended up with 8 because many parents chose to find alternative arrangements for their children.

As per government advice, we have opened for our vulnerable students as well as those whose parents are doing a sterling job for the NHS, Supermarkets and other key workers.

Monday's staffing was primarily Leadership, Pastoral and our team of cover supervisors. With only 8 children, we sent many staff home and a core team remained.

We were all based on Broadway Campus, allowing us to close down Foxland Campus ahead of a deep clean.

After having their temperature checked, Mr Corns and Mr O'Connell supervised the children who were doing the work set by their teachers in a computer classroom.

Meanwhile, Mrs Kelman (Welfare Assistant) and Miss Hughes (receptionist) manned the phones.

The senior leadership team met - staying 2 metres apart from one another to plan for the remainder of the week.

We have remained in constant contact with local authority officers and our secondary colleagues throughout the day, who were gathering a Stockport-wide picture.

Unbelievably, 3pm came around quicker than I thought it would and we said goodbye to our students and left ready for the next day.

Kingsway Coronavirus Heroes today were Mrs Kelman, who brought in chocolates for staff and checked everyone’s temperature to make sure we were all OK. Also, Mr Corns and Mr O’Connell, who spent the whole day in the computer room with our small group of students - trying to make the work as varied and interesting as possible for them!

Tuesday 24th March 2020

With an inkling for how the day might look, we had planned for much reduced staffing today. Even so we only had 4 students arrive, and so sent a couple of staff home.

On arrival, students’ temperatures were checked, hands were sanitised and breakfast was provided.

Knowing that our students had found yesterday's learning session hard-going, Ms McSheffrey spent the morning with them doing some Drama work and teaching them how to mime - I even joined in with the ball throwing and dropping! Ms Murray then took over after break and did some practical science work using the electronics circuit boards.

After lunch, I joined the Fantastic Four back in the computer room where we did some more work online, set by their teachers. We had a mid-afternoon mile walk around the block (2 metres apart) and finished with some activities on the BBC website. Another full day over.

In the midst of all this, Mr Knott (Deputy Headteacher) went foraging for goggles, gloves and aprons to donate to the NHS who were desperately in need. He delivered 6 bin bags’ worth and a full box to our local NHS, who were very happy to receive them.

Another day tomorrow, 8 students expected...

Kingsway Coronavirus Heroes today are Miss Stansfield, who spent long hours working from home. Miss Stansfield set up a bank transfer to each family in need, ensuring that all our students who are eligible for free school meals had the necessary funds. Our second hero of the day is Mr Knott who organised the delivery of protective equipment to the NHS.

Wednesday 25th March

Five students today and four teaching staff: Mrs Bradbury-Cheetham, Mrs Burgess, Miss Wildgoose and myself, supported by our premises team and canteen staff.

After the usual morning health check routine, students were given an outline for the day before taking part in Joe Wicks’ workout … phew!

After their workout, the students created some stencils in Art with Mrs Marsh and Mrs Bradbury-Cheetham in readiness for brightening up our Quad.

After a break, there was more physical activity with Miss Wildgoose where the older students could use the cardio equipment, whilst the younger ones played badminton.

After lunch, our band of students were taken into the quad by Mrs Marsh and Mrs Burgess and got busy with some spray paints, using the stencils they had made earlier. What a brighter place they have made our quad.

The local authority educational psychology service has produced some useful resources to support parents in communicating to their children about the virus. You can find a link to this information here:

Kingsway Coronavirus Heroes today must include our premises team: Mr Cross, Ms Burns, Mr Naughton and Mr Madden (who have made sure our premises are open, clean and operational). With regards to cleaning, just to let our parents and students know that you will not be able to access the school site in light of the advice to minimise any travel. Our Foxland campus is now shut down for a deep clean and much of our Broadway campus is also inaccessible following deep cleaning. We still have a team of cleaners in school each day cleaning the rooms that have been used during the supervision of students.

Also, Mrs Bradbury-Cheetham, who with the help of Mr Naughton, delivered 50 rolls of desperately needed paper towels to the pathology department at The Christie Hospital.

Another hero is Mr Humphreys, our Network Manager, who has been available throughout the week to support staff with any ICT issues, all from the comfort of his home!

Keep safe everyone.

Thursday 26th March

The day started with the students following Joe Wick’s workout in the hall. Ms Burrows and Ms Owen set an impressive example as they completed the work-out too. Miss Linnecor had sensibly opted to be in charge of the technology whilst Mr Knott monitored reception.

Following that our students moved on to completing Curved Stitching activities requiring good levels of concentration. They managed to create some impressive designs.

After a short break they then started to construct an enlarged jigsaw from a picture of Bart Simpson. Trying to keep the right proportions from the original proved to be more of a challenge than first thought.

Lunchtime was spent enjoying the sunshine in Broadway Quad, and then followed by some exercise playing table tennis and badminton.

Our Kingsway Coronavirus Heroes today include Mr Traynor who has signed up to support the NHS in any capacity he can via. He has promised some updates which I will share with you in the weeks ahead.

Our other invisible heroes are our Canteen staff (Chris, Lisa and Kyle) who have come into school every day to make sure our students and staff have access to a healthy meal. They have also very kindly donated around 100 eggs to our charity foodbank collection today.

Friday 27th March

Happy Friday everyone - though with such strange times, it’s hard to know where our week began and ended!

I hope you all got a chance to Clap for our Carers last night. It was really lovely to hear the applause for our amazing NHS staff in my street. I received this lovely email, via Mrs Wardle this morning: 

Dear Miss Wardle, 

As you posted the being grateful note on the year 7 notice board, myself and my family all stood outside with our neighbours and clapped for the NHS who we are very grateful for. We also live across from an ability centre and we saw the nurses cleaning the wheelchairs so we kindly sent them a cup of coffee each and an Easter egg as a thank you for everything they do. 

Yours Sincerely,  Millie Tanswell 7W

Back at school this morning, our students were given the pleasure (not sure they see it like that) of doing the Joe Wick’s workout again with Mr Nicholson leading the way!

The group then worked with Mr Burniston and Mr Nicholson. Here’s Mr B’s report: “Today the group were studying the issue of litter around school through hypothesis testing.  After discussing what the problems were, the students carried out a survey of Broadway site. They successfully used their map and data collection skills to record and collate the data.  Back in the classroom, we used excel spreadsheets to calculate totals and generate graphs to analyse. Each student then came up with an action plan to help to reduce the amount of litter around school. The conclusion? Too many students not using the bins provided!”

After lunch, students worked on analysing the data they had collected in the morning and did some more maths before heading off for a walk. Knowing Mr Burniston and Mr Nicholson, it will have been a pretty pacey walk!

The day ended with a session on how our students can save our planet. What message would they like to give to the next generation?

Finally, included in this blog is a letter to parents from the local authority for your information.

Also, a reminder that there are regular updates for parents on our website.  You can access this by using the link to the Parent Noticeboard on the parents page of our website. 

Similarly, our students each have a specific tab for their year group, which they should check on FROG. Here they will read daily messages from their Raising Standards’ Leader and other bits of information.

A shout out to today’s coronavirus heroes Mr Mahmood and for the second time in a week Mr Humphreys, who remotely solved the issue of the projector showing everything upside down in the data analysis lesson.

Following the egg collection yesterday, Mr Mahmood sent me this email:

Last night the eggs were separated and placed in over 70 food parcels which are going out to the following places:

  • homeless shelters
  • referral centres
  • elderly people who have been in contact asking for a pack of food and essential items
  • others self isolating

We have been overwhelmed with requests and have been supporting various different groups set up in response to covid-19, including the council and other charities to provide as much support as possible. Eggs (as we know) are a difficult item to get hold of; I am sure the recipients of these packs will be extremely happy to see them inside.

Coronavirus Week 1 over and successfully completed. Here’s to week 2.

Have a great weekend, stay home and stay safe!

Mrs J. Lowe

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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 23

Developing that ‘confident’ feeling!

Here at The Kingsway School, we take a proactive approach when it comes to bullying. We have a designated Anti Bullying Coordinator and 15 student Anti Bullying Ambassadors, trained by renowned organisations including The Diana Award and Bullies Out.

The team is managed by our Safeguarding Lead, Ms Cropper, who will be delivering a workshop specifically aimed at supporting parents. We recognise that bullying takes place at school and that sadly it can be a very traumatic, challenging, and an emotionally draining time for all involved. It can also lead to wider anxiety and mental health issues. The idea of the workshop is for staff at school and you as parents to develop an understanding as to how best to support your child if they believe they are a victim of bullying.

Ms Cropper will also be informing parents how we manage any concerns raised in school, how the team deals with referrals and signposting for further advice to support not just the student, but the family. Ms Cropper will also listen to parents’ concerns and experiences to hear how we can further improve our response when dealing with reports of bullying.

The workshop is running from 4.30pm-6pm, on Tuesday 17th March on Broadway Campus.

If you are interested in attending this event, please register your interest with Ms Cropper by emailing

Hope to see you there!

Someone who is currently unlikely to be a victim of bullying, but has nonetheless been reported as a sufferer of mental illness is Heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury. We were thrilled on Friday to receive a last minute and unexpected surprise. Parent and training manager for Fury, Mr Allcock, contacted the school to see if we would like to show the students Tyson Fury's new WBC Heavyweight belt that he won on Sunday in Las Vegas against Deontay Wilder. Local success story, Tyson has held several championship titles is a two-time heavyweight world champion. Mr Allcock explained that Tyson sees his victory as a team effort and as part of that, Mr Allcock was given the belt for the day - opportunity, achievement and respect are core Kingsway values and we can see that this is a wonderful example of these values in action.  Tyson matches the achievements of Muhammad Ali and Floy Patterson. ESPN rank Fury as the world's best active heavyweight. What a lovely achievement to share with our students, who were all eager to have their photo taken with the belt. Many thanks to Mr Allcock for allowing The Kingsway School to share and celebrate Tyson’s success.

It's that time of year when the reality of the exams are setting in and many of our Year 11 students are putting above and beyond into their studies.  We are really proud of those students who are dedicated to their studies and are showing a positive attitude towards their revision. We are equally delighted that businesses in our local community are recognising this and have very kindly donated some amazing reward prizes for our students.  The prizes range from coffee and cake packages, a range of hair treatments and a designer bag. To add to this, we are also donating £200 to a prize draw for students with 100% attendance.

We are very grateful to the following businesses:

  • Coffee Fix
  • Gatley Barbers
  • Angela Lewis Hair and Brow Lounge
  • Magic Moments
  • Bxrbers Barber shop
  • Lounge 66
  • We are Garage
  • Me Time Hairdressing

If you are able to add to our fantastic prizes, please contact Mrs Jones on

We work hard to continually improve our school to make sure all students have the best experience possible.  As part of that process, we like to hear from all our stakeholders. Last Tuesday we invited a number of Year 7 parents to provide honest and constructive feedback on both the transition process as well as their Year 7 experiences to date.  The parents were all extremely helpful, enabling us to reflect on the following areas: transition, homework, improvements to our communication system, catering, social media usage and uniform. We also discussed ways in which our older students can be positive role models for our younger pupils.  One message that came through loud and clear was that our parents were very happy with our recent Ofsted report and are very proud to be part of The Kingsway School. This week we will continue to build on collecting information by meeting with key groups in our local community. Following both these meetings, we will then develop an action plan and share this with everyone involved.  If you would like to be part of future forums, we welcome parents in any year group to email

Finally, you may recall that The Kingsway School converted to an academy in 2016. As part of this process an Academy Trust called ‘Abney Trust’ was created to govern the schools within the trust. Since then, we have been the only school in our trust and trustees have recently been considering ways in which we can be part of a larger trust, where we can benefit from shared expertise and financial efficiencies.

We are now considering transferring our Trust to the Education Learning Trust (ELT). This trust has been in place for around 3 years and comprises two of our feeder primary schools (Meadowbank Primary School and Gatley Primary School) as well as a third primary school in Bredbury, Stockport.

As part of the decision for Abney Trust to join the ELT, we want to seek the views of our parents. Parents can contribute to the consultation, a link to which will be sent to you in an email.

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Tuesday 10th March “Meet the Team’ event for Year 6 parents 5:30pm
Thursday 12th March Year 8 Parents’ Evening
Tuesday 17th March Parents’ Anti-Bullying workshop 4:30pm Broadway
Thursday 26th March Year 7 Parents’ Evening

Have a lovely week,

Mrs J. Lowe

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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 22

Not just GOOD news - great news!

Last week you will have received a letter, via your child, informing you that our Ofsted report has been published. You can view the full report below:

We were understandably delighted with many comments made in the report, which we feel really captured the essence of our school. Comments such as:

“Pupils can be themselves in this school community”

“Pupils are happy, confident and upbeat”

“Pupils are inspired by their learning”

“Pupils are provided with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful”

“Pupils get to learn things which will enrich their lives”

The inspectors visited lessons, talked to staff and students and looked at students’ work to come to a judgement that our school is a GOOD school which provides a GOOD quality of education.

How important is this judgement?

For me, the decisions I make as Headteacher are not for the benefit of Ofsted, but are for the benefit of every young person in our care. Every child, irrespective of background, is entitled to a good education that springboards them to a successful, happy future.

Nonetheless, we must pay regard to the research and guidance carried out by the Department of Education in relation to the curriculum experience our students receive. There has been much in the press about Ofsted’s lack of favour for schools who are quoted as narrowing their curriculum by reducing the number of subjects students study, particularly in Years 7 to 9.

However, schools are also expected to demonstrate how they are working towards achieving the government’s ambition is to see 75% of pupils studying the EBacc subject combination at GCSE by 2022, and 90% by 2025. This requires students to study a specific set of qualifications: English, Maths, Science, History or Geography and a Modern Foreign Language.

So how do schools meet both expectations? To offer a broad, rich curriculum and ensure high numbers of students achieve the EBacc? How do schools juggle this in a climate of real term cuts to budgets of around 8% and a teacher recruitment crisis?

At Kingsway, the answer is strong leadership and governance, passionate and committed staff and a relentless determination to do the best for every student.

It is therefore no wonder, I was a blubbering mess of tears of joy when the report arrived in my inbox. Thank goodness they saw what I know we are  - a really great school on a journey to outstanding!

One particular area of focus during our inspection was the opportunities we provide for students to enrich their experience and close the gap for those students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Here inspectors saw that staff considered carefully the wider curriculum and ensure there is something on offer for everyone.

Two such examples took place last week:

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before half term Year 8 students have visited St Mary's Church in Cheadle as part of their studies on Christianity. During the visits students have explored the features of a traditional church, the life of a church and what it means to be a Christian today. Mr Tither reports that the students represented the school well and as usual were a credit to us.  After half term, year 8 students will begin their studies on Islam. This will involve a similar trip to Cheadle Mosque in June.

The last Wednesday of half term marked the culmination of four months of hard work, research, drafting and redrafting for our Year 9 Scholars Program students. Having completed their 2000 word essays on Art In Public Spaces, they were honoured and celebrated with a full graduation ceremony at the University of Manchester, which the students and their parents greatly enjoyed. The experience gave them an invaluable insight into university life and how study methods can change as they move through their education. This was a huge challenge for the students as they had never written anything so lengthy (with full referencing required!) but all passed with some even gaining what their PhD tutor marked as a First class essay in her eyes. Well done Sameer Shafiq, Zak Hutchinson, Jean De Dieu Molomba, Thurman Abdalla, Macie Godfrey, Alec Nixon, Jessica Buckley, Jessica Fahey, Elise Maylett-Keane, Zayn Khan, Nina Berkovitch and Esme Hopkins-Powell.

Mrs Clarke, Mr Carr and parents looked on with pride.

Finally, Mrs Mackay shared some photos of the fantastic Year 7 medieval castles which students completed for homework. The focus of this unit is ‘changes over time’ and groundwork for Key Stage 4 where students study Kenilworth Castle in depth.

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Thursday 12th March Year 8 Parents' Evening
Thursday 26th March Year 7 Parents' Evening

Have a lovely week,

Mrs J. Lowe

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Headteacher’s Blog – Week 21

Preparation for life!

At The Kingsway School, we pride ourselves on how well we prepare our students for life beyond school. We recognise that a successful and happy future not only depends on good GCSE outcomes, but also on valuable work skills and attributes. We remind our students about the importance of skills such as good timekeeping, resilience and problem solving through our careers programme, which is delivered in Life Skills lessons, assemblies and focus days.

We have already been awarded the ‘Inspiring IAG’ (Information, Advice & Guidance) Gold award in recognition of our high quality careers education.

I was therefore doubly delighted last week to receive an award from the National Citizen Service (NCS) Trust on behalf of Rt Hon Boris Johnson Prime Minister in recognition of our outstanding NCS engagement. The National Citizen Service helps children aged 16 and 17 build skills for work and life. Last year, over 80,000 young people spent their summer having a positive impact in their communities and developed the essential skills that will help them in their futures. Our award was in recognition of the high numbers of Kingsway students who have signed up to this project - over 30% of our Year 11 cohort!

Linked to our careers work, last Friday we were delighted to welcome Kuehne & Nagel to The Kingsway School to talk about opportunities within the Logistics Industry.  This visit coincided with National Apprenticeship Week. Here’s Mrs Flood’s report on the event:

Kuehne and Nagel are one of the largest logistics companies in the world, transporting goods by Air, land and sea for well known organisations including Waitrose and Boohoo.

K & N representatives presented to a group of Year 10 students who enjoyed learning about the different careers that exist for future Apprentices and Graduates in the logistics industry.  Logistics is a huge growth market for labour and there are an increasing number of job opportunities. Following the presentation, some students worked in teams to play a Logistics board game, all about the most economical, environmentally friendly and efficient ways to get goods from A - B.

Another group of students enjoyed a tour of the Kuehne & Nagel Lorry, which was parked up on site.  Lots of information was provided and students had the opportunity to visit the cab and see all the internal comfort and safety features.  Students also had the luxury of pressing the horn!

A massive thanks to all the staff at Kuehne & Nagel for introducing these careers to our students.

The Kingsway Association (PTA) is trying a way to increase the funds available to school without costing anyone a penny. is an easy way you can help raise money for The Kingsway Association. Buy your internet shopping from over 4,000 retailers and a percentage of what you spend is donated to The Kingsway Association at no additional cost to you. Retailers include Amazon, John Lewis, eBay, Tesco and many more.

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Friday 14th February Half Term
Monday 24th February Back in School
Monday 24th February Year 11 Photographs
Tuesday 25th February Year 11 PPEs Start

Have a lovely week,

Mrs J. Lowe

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