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Year 9 Law Students Visit Manchester Crown Court

Recently, Miss Cuttress and Mrs Stansfield took 20 Year 9 students to Manchester Crown Court. Glen Davad, Niall Ritchie, Akira Edgson and Rocio McGillivray, the prosecution and defence teams, put up brilliant fights and eventually, our jury found the defendant guilty of murder.

Louie Hatch, our amazing judge, set a sentence with proper legal reasoning and was in the same range as the real judge on the case, which was very impressive. As well as taking part in a realistic murder trial, students were given the opportunity to ask questions to real students of Law from Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University. The group learnt all about the different levels and courts in the justice system, sentencing for various crimes and about the legal age of responsibility. It was a brilliant and inspirational day for everyone involved.

Thank you to GMHigher for taking us!

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Big Bang Fair Competition – STEM Award Winners!

On 1st April 2019, The Kingsway School, Go4SET, John Crane, The Kolweny Kingsway and Rotary International celebrated the recent success of six of the Kingsway School's Industrial Cadets in winning a special award at this year's National Final's of The Big Bang Fair. The students who spent three days at the Birmingham NEC competed with over 200 other schools to win the ‘Special Award 2019 - Rotary prize for Environmental/Scientific Advancement’.

The students have been on a long journey to achieve this award. Their journey began over a year ago when they successfully gained a place onto the Go4SET Industrial Cadet programme. They confidently went on to win this competition achieving the ‘Best Overall Project in the North West’ finals, beating many independent schools within the area. Since then the students have gone from strength to strength winning at the ‘Big Bang Fair’ and also achieving their ‘Silver Crest Awards’ from the British Science Association.

Students worked collaboratively on a project entitled ‘Water and Your School’ to develop a water purification system for their sister school in The Kolweny Kingsway in Kenya. Students were assisted throughout the project by Mr. Hammersley and Miss Khan and gained valuable assistance from Angela Rowley of Rowley Projects as their live client and Neil Slater, Sally Crabtree, Murat Islam and Stuart Worthington who represented John Crane and whom worked with such dedication with the students over their 10 week course.

The Kingsway School is immensely proud of the students' achievements and wish them the very best of luck as the project moves forward and with their future careers.

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Year 10 Mock Interviews

All Year 10 students attended a Mock Interview in March. In order to prepare them for this event, Mr John Swinnerton from ‘Our Futures’ presented an assembly in January; during which he explained the application form, which students needed to complete prior to their interview, and the importance of following instructions and completing the forms comprehensively and neatly. Students were also advised that a poorly completed application form could prevent them from being invited for interview in the ‘Real World’ .

On the 13th and 14th of March, external business professionals came to school to interview our students. The objective of the interviews was to ensure that students have the confidence to participate effectively in their future interviews and they should all come away knowing what they do well and which areas they need to improve on.

In most cases, this was the first interview that the students had undertaken and it will probably be the last one before their college and apprenticeship Interviews. Despite the initial nerves, all students did exceptionally well and also got feedback as to what they could have done better in the future.

The business professionals were very impressed with the calibre of our students and applauded them for their confidence, focus and determination in order to achieve their future goals.

We are always very grateful to our volunteers who give their time freely in order to assist our students in their ongoing careers education.

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Risky Business Week

During the week commencing 6th March The Kingsway School invited a variety of different agencies in to provide support to students on all things 'RISKY'.

The agencies present throughout the week included: the Fire Service, Community Nurses, Anti Bullying Campaigners, Mental Health Teams, Cheadle Mosque, Mosaic and many more. Issues being addressed encompassed: Anti Social Behaviour, Stress Management, Bullying, Sexuality, Mental Health and Well-being, Radicalisation, Racism, Drugs, Alcohol and a wider range of 'risky' behaviours through the use of fun workshops, targeted sessions and assemblies.

The week highlighted the need for all students to be vigilant and informed about their own and others' safety and the school's culture of support.

The Kingsway School is committed to ensuring each students safety and well being.

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Year 11 Students Sign Up for NCS Challenge Summer Programme

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a government backed scheme, which aims to bring together young people aged 15 - 17 from all different backgrounds for a common purpose - To help them build skills for work life and the transition into adulthood.

The NCS visit us every year in order to meet with our Year 11 students and present an amazing opportunity to experience adventure, learn new skills, and take social action in the local community whilst gaining valuable leadership, teamwork and communication skills for the future.

We are delighted to have been advised that out of the 17 Stockport schools that have been visited this year, The Kingsway School is the top performing school in the area meaning more of our students have recognised that this is a hugely worthwhile activity which will be both enjoyable as well as look favorable on future University and job applications.

The Challenge team said “Shout out to The Kingsway School, who have gone above and beyond making sure that we are aware of any students who are struggling with the sign up process. I hope all the students who have enrolled have a great experience, building their confidence and skills in appreciating, understanding and connecting with others."

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