Summer 2019 Exam Timetable (GCSE/OCR Nationals)

For the Summer 2019 exam series a “contingency” exam day has been arranged by the examination awarding bodies which all students need to be aware of. This contingency day for GCSE examinations has been put in place “in the event of widespread, sustained national or local disruption to examinations during the June 2019 examination series.” The date that has been set aside as the contingency day is Wednesday 26 June 2019. This means that all exam candidates must be available to sit exams from the date of their first exam until Wednesday 26 June 2019. This decision is not a school decision and does apply to all candidates in all schools. Please can all students/parents/carers make a note of the new contingency exam date in the event that an awarding body needs to invoke its contingency plan.

Year 11

Mon 13 MayOCR: Computer Science: Computer Systems J276/01 1hr 30mEdexcel: Religious Studies: Christianity 1RB0 1B 1hr 45m
Tue 14 MayAQA: French Listening F/H 8658/LF, 8658/LH 35/45m

AQA: French Reading F/H 8658/RF, 8658/RH 45/60m
AQA: Biology Paper 1 Tier F /H 8461/1F, 8461/1H 1hr 45m

AQA: Combined Science Trilogy Biology P1F/P1H 8464/B/1F, 8464/B/1H 1hr 15m
Wed 15 MayOCR Cambridge Nationals: Year 10 and Year 11 Sport Studies: Contemporary Issues Sport R051/01 1hr

Edexcel PE: Fitness and Body Systems 1PE0 01 1hr 45m
AQA: English Literature Paper 1 8702/1 1hr 45m
Thu 16 MayAQA: Chemistry Paper 1 Tier F/H 8462/1F, 8462/1H 1hr 45m

AQA: Combined Science Trilogy Chemistry P1F/P1H 8464/C/1F, 8464/C/1H 1hr 15m
OCR: Computer Science: Algrthms & Prgrmmng J276/02 1hr 30m
Fri 17 MayAQA: French Writing F/H 8658/WF, 8658/WH 1hr/1hr 15m Edexcel Drama: Theatre Makers in Prac. 1DR0 03 1hr 30m

Edexcel PE: Health and Performance 1PE0 02 1hr 15m
Mon 20 MayEdexcel: Religious Studies: Islam 1RB0 2C 1hr 45m
Tue 21 MayEdexcel Maths: Non Calculator F/H 1MA1 1F/H 1hr 30mAQA: Geography Paper 1 8035/1 1hr 30m
Wed 22 MayAQA: Spanish Listening F/H 8698/LF, 8698/LH 35/45m

AQA: Spanish Reading F/H 8698/RF, 8698/RH 45/60m
AQA: Physics Paper 1 Tier F/H 8463/1F, 8463/1H 1hr 45m

AQA: Combined Science Trilogy Physics P1F/P1H 8464/P/1F, 8464/P/1H 1hr 15m
Thu 23 MayAQA: English Literature Paper 2 8702/2 2hr 15m
Fri 24 MayEdexcel: Business Studies: Investigating a Small Business 1BS0 01 1hr 30m
Mon 03 JunOCR: History A: Hist A: INT Rel: USA 1945-1974 J410/07 1hr 45mOCR: Year 10 Creative iMedia Preproduction Skills R081/01 1hr 15m
Tue 04 JunAQA: English Language Paper 1 8700/1 1hr 45mEdexcel: Business Studies: Building a Business 1BS0 02 1hr 30m

Edexcel: Music Appraising 1MU0 03 1hr 45m
Wed 05 JunWJEC: D&T: Electronic Products: Component 1 C49UA0-1 1hr 30 min

AQA: Spanish Writing F/H 8698/WF, 8698/WH 1hr/1hr 15m
AQA: Geography Paper 2 8035/2 1hr 30m
Thu 06 JunEdexcel Maths: Paper 2 Calculator F/H 1MA1 2F/H 1hr 30mOCR: History A: Power: Mnrchy Dmcrcy Brtn J410/09 1hr
Fri 07 JunAQA: English Language Paper 2 8700/2 1hr 45mAQA: Biology Paper 2 Tier F/H 8461/2F, 8461/2H 1hr 45m

AQA: Combined Science Trilogy Biology P2F/P2H 8464/B/2F, 8464/B/2H 1hr 15m
Mon 10 JunWJEC Film Studies Unit 1 C670U10-1 1hr 30mOCR Cambridge Nationals Health & Social Care: Essential Values of Care R021/01 1hr
Tue 11 JunEdexcel Maths Paper 3: Calculator F/H 1MA1 3F/H 1hr 30mOCR: History A: Egsh Rfrmt C.1520-C.1550 Wtn J410/12 1hr 15m
Wed 12 JunAQA: Chemistry Paper 2 Tier F/H 8462/2F, 8462/2H 1hr 45m

AQA: Combined Science Trilogy Chemistry P2F/P2H 8464/C/2F, 8464/C/2H 1hr 15m
WJEC: D & T: Electronic Products Unit 2 C49OU20-1 1hr 30 min

AQA: German Listening F/H 8668/LF, 8668/LH 35/45m

AQA: German Reading F/H 8668/RF, 8668/RH 45/60m
Thu 13 JunAQA: Geography Paper 3 8035/3 1hr 15m
Fri 14 JunAQA: Physics Paper 2 Tier F/H 8463/2F, 8463/2H 1hr 45m

AQA: Combined Science Trilogy Physics P2F/P2H 8464/P/2F, 8464/P/2H 1hr 15m
WJEC Film Studies Unit 2 C670U20-1 1hr 30m
Mon 17 JunAQA: German Writing F/H 8668/WF, 8668/WH 1hr/1hr 15m
Tue 18 JunOCR: Maths: Additional Maths Paper 1 6993/01 2hrs

WJEC: Year 10 Hospitality and Catering: Unit 1 Onscreen 5569UAO-1

Year 10

Mon 03 JunPE FH 1hr 45mMusic FH 1hr 45m
Wed 05 JunComputer Science FH 1hr 30MFL Writing 1hr 15m FH
Thu 06 JunBusiness 1hr 30m FH
Mon 10 JunYear 10 45m FHGerman Listening and Reading 1hr 20/1hr 45 FH/Conf Room
Tue 11 JunFilm Studies 1hr 30m FH
Thu 13 JunD&T/Electronics 2hrs/1hr 30mMaths paper 1 1hr 30m BH/FH
Mon 17 JunChemistry 1hr 45/1hr 15m BH/FHFrench Listening and Reading 1hr 20/1hr 45 BH/FH
Tue 18 JunEnglish Literature 1hr 45m BH/FHMaths paper 2 1hr 30m BH/FH
Wed 19 JunEnglish Language 1hr 45m BH/FHBiology 1hr 15/1hr 45 BH/FH
Fri 21 JunRE 1hr 45 BHPhysics 1hr 15/1hr 45 BH/FH
Fri 28 JunSpanish 1hr 20/1hr 45 BH/FHGeography 1hr 30m BH/FH
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