Results for the 2019 GCSE examinations will be published to students and they can collect their provisional statement of results on:

Date: Thursday 22nd August 2019
Time: 9:00am – 11:00am
Where: Broadway Hall

Non-collection on the day
Students who cannot collect their results on the day MUST follow the procedures as follows: -

  • Collection by third party (student’s representative) – The person collecting the results on behalf of a student must be in possession of a letter, signed and dated by the student, stating the name of the person collecting the results on a student’s behalf. The person collecting the results must bring photographic ID e.g. passport, driving license etc.
  • Posting results – students can leave a stamped addressed envelope with the examinations office prior to the end of term if they want to have their results posted to them.
  • Collection by student or student’s representative after 22nd August – after this date results will be available from Monday 2nd September, from Broadway reception. Please phone ahead to arrange a suitable time for collection – don’t just turn up.

Year 10 results
Provisional statements of results will be available to collect on Thursday 22nd August between 10:00am and 11:00am.

Publishing GCSE exam results
The Kingsway School publishes GCSE exam results using the Manchester Evening News Media Group. The following information is published about each student: -

  • The first initial of his/her forename and his/her surname. When published, the list of student names is sorted alphabetically by surname.
  • Each student name is then followed by two numbers, the second of which is in brackets. The first number indicates the number of qualifications each student has achieved 9 to 1 or A* to G. The second number in brackets indicates the number of qualifications each student has achieved 9 to 4 or A* to C.

If a student wishes to opt out of having this information published via the MEN Media Group, please inform the school.

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