Some students will receive more than one certificate from different examination boards. Students must check that all the information is correct, particularly the spelling of names. If there is a problem, the certificate must be returned in person to the exams office, the certificate(s) will then be returned to the exam board for corrections to be made for a fee of approximately £35.00 (depending upon the Exam Board). This process will take up to 4 weeks. Students will be notified when the new certificate is available for collection.

Collecting certificates after presentation evening
For students unable to collect their certificates on presentation evening, they will be available from Foxland reception from the first Monday after certificate presentation evening on Thursday 14th November, 2019, during normal school hours. Certificates will only be issued to a parent or guardian on presentation of written authorisation (from the student) and proof of identity.

Keep certificates safe
Once certificates have been collected, they must be kept in a safe place as they are expensive to replace.

Certificates will be required as proof of you qualifications by colleges and / or employers when applying for courses or employment.

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