Past papers are available from each examination board (papers that were sat approximately 12 months ago) usually for teaching purposes. Please use the links above to access past papers.

To assist you further, please check the list of all examination subjects and codes.

TitleExam CodeExam BoardQualificationWritten ExamCA
Additional Maths (QAN 100/2548/0)6993OCRFSMQ100%
Written exam6993/01
Additional Science (Route 2)4409AQAGCSE75%
Unit 1 AS1
Unit 2AS2
Unit 4 Investigative skills (CA)AS4P 25%
Art (QAN 500/4536/2)4201AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Continuous assessment4201160%
Unit 2 Exam – externally assessed task4201240%
Biology (QAN 600/0886/6)4401AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Biology 1BL1FP/HP25%
Unit 2 Biology 2BL2FP/HP25%
Unit 3 Biology 3BL3FP/HP25%
Unit 4 Investigative skills (CA)BL425%
Catering (QAN500/4462/X)4730WJECGSCE
Unit 1 Catering skills related to food preparation and service (CA)473160%
Unit 2 Catering, food & the customer473240%
Chemistry (QAN 600/0889/1)4402AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Chemistry 1CH1FP/HP25%
Unit 2 Chemistry 2CH2FP/HP25%
Unit 3 Chemistry 3CH3FP/HP25%
Unit 4 Investigative skills (CA)CH425%
Computer Science (QAN 500/8291/7)J275OCRGCSE
Unit 1 Computer Systems & ProgrammingA45140%
Unit 2 Practical Investigation (CA)A45230%
Unit 3 Programming Project (CA)A45330%
D&T - Resistant Materials (QAN 500/4609/3)4560AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Written exam4560140%
Unit 2 Design & making practice (CA)4560260%
D&T - Graphic Products (QAN 500/4996/5)4550AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Written exam4550140%
Unit 2 Design & making practice (CA)4550260%
D&T - Electronic Products (QAN 500/4605/6)4540AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Written exam4540140%
Unit 2 Design & making practice (CA)4540260%
Drama (QAN 500/4518/7)2DR01EdexcelGCSE
Unit 1 Drama exploration5DR0130%
Unit 2 Exploring play texts5DR0230%
Unit 3 Drama performance5DR0340%
English Language8700AQAGCSE100%
English Literature8702AQAGCSE100%
French (QAN 500/4470/9)4658AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Listening46551F/H20%
Unit 2 Reading46552F/H20%
Unit 3 Speaking (CA)4655330%
Unit 4 Writing (CA)4655430%
Geography (QAN 600/6341/5)J385OCRGCSE
Unit 1 Sustainable decision makingB561F/H25%
Unit 2 Geographical enquiry (CA)B56225%
Unit 3 Key geographical themesB563F/H50%
German (QAN 500/4427/8)4668AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Listening46651F/H20%
Unit 2 Reading46652F/H20%
Unit 3 Speaking (CA)4665330%
Unit 4 Writing (CA)4665430%
Health & Social Care (QAN 500/4471/0)4720LAWJECGCSE
Unit 1 Health, Social Care and Children’s Services (CA)47210160%
Unit 2 human Growth and Development47220140%
History (QAN 601/1002/8)J418OCRGCSE
Unit 1 Historical Enquiry (CA)A01025%
Unit 2 The USA Land Of Freedom? 1945-1975A01745%
Unit 3 How was British Society Changed 1890-1918?A02130%
Home Economics - Food & Nutrition4300WJECGCSE
Unit 1 Principles of food & nutrition430140%
Unit 2 Food & nutrition practical tasks (CA)430260%
ICT (QAN 500/7575/5)2IT01EdexcelGCSE
Unit 1 Living in a digital world5IT0140%
Unit 2 Using digital tools (CA)5IT0260%
Leisure & Tourism (QAN 500/4450/3)4842AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Understanding leisure & tourism destinations4840140%
Unit 2 The nature of leisure & tourism (CA)4840260%
Media Studies (QAN 500/4425/4)4812AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Investigating the media4810140%
Unit 2 Understanding the media4810260%
Music (QAN 500/4666/4)4270AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Listening to & appraising music4270120%
Unit 2 Composing & appraising music (CA)4270220%
Unit 3 Performing music (CA)4270340%
Unit 4 Composing music (CA)4270420%
Physical Education (QAN 500/4676/7)2PE01EdexcelGCSE
Unit 1 The theory of physical education5PE0140%
Unit 2 Performance in physical education (CA)5PE0260%
Physics (QAN 600/0891/X)4403AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Physics 1PH1FP/HP25%
Unit 2 Physics 2PH2FP/HP25%
Unit 3 Physics 3PH3FP/HP25%
Unit 4 Investigative skills (CA)PH425%
Religious Studies (QAN 500/4488/6)2RS01EdexcelGCSE
Unit 2 Religion & life based on a study of Christianity5RS0250%
Unit 8 Religion & society, Christianity & at least one other religion5RS0850%
Spanish (QAN 500/4480/1)4698AQAGCSE
Unit 1 Listening46951F/H20%
Unit 2 Reading46952F/H20%
Unit 3 Speaking (CA)4695330%
Unit 4 Writing (CA)4695430%
Textiles (QAN 500/4588/X)4572AQAGCSE
Unit 14570140%
Unit 2 Design & making practice (CA)4570260%
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