Past papers are available from each examination board (papers that were sat approximately 12 months ago) usually for teaching purposes. Please use the links above to access past papers.

To assist you further, please check the list of all examination subjects and codes.

TitleExam CodeExam BoardQualificationWritten ExamCA
Additional Maths (QAN 100/2548/0)6993OCRFSMQ100%
Written exam6993/01
Art (QAN 601/8088/2)8201AQAGCSE
Component 1 - Portfolio8201/C60%
Component 2 – Externally Set Assignment8201/X40%
Biology (QAN 601/8752/9)8461AQAGCSE
Paper 18461/1F or 1H50%
Paper 28461/2F or2H50%
Business Studies*1BR0EdexcelGCSE
Chemistry (QAN 601/8757/8)8462AQAGCSE
Paper 18462/1F or 1H50%
Paper 28462/2F or2H50%
Computer Science (QAN 601/8355/X)J276OCRGCSE
Paper 1 Computer science50%
Paper 2 Algorithms and programming50%
Unit 3 Programming Project (CA)
D&T – Craft Resistant Materials Y11 Only*NCFELevel 2
D&T – Craft Graphic Products Y11 Only*NCFELevel 2
D&T - Electronic Products*WJECGCSE
Drama (QAN 601/8491/7)1DR0EdexcelGCSE
Component 1 Devising
Component 2 Performance from text
Component 3 Theatre makers in Practice
English Language (QAN 601/4293/3)8700AQAGCSE
Paper 1 Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing8700/150%
Paper 2 Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives8700/250%
NEA Spoken Language (Endorsement)8700/C
English Literature (QAN 601/4447/8)8702AQAGCSE
Paper 1 Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel8702/140%
Paper 2 Modern Texts and Poetry8702/260%
French (QAN 601/8157/6)8658AQAGCSE
Paper 1 Listening Test F/H8658/LF/LH25%
Paper 2 Speaking Test F/H8658/SF/SH25%
Paper 3 Reading Test F/H8658/RF/RH25%
Paper 4 Writing Test F/H8658/WF/WH25%
Geography (QAN 601/8410/3)8035AQAGCSE
Paper 1 Living with the physical environment8035/135%
Paper 2 Changes in the human environment8035/235%
Paper 3 Geographical applications8035/330%
German (QAN 601/8159/X)8668AQAGCSE
Paper 1 Listening Test F/H8668/LF/LH25%
Paper 2 Speaking Test F/H8668/SF/SH25%
Paper 3 Reading Test F/H8668/RF/RH25%
Paper 4 Writing Test F/H8668/WF/WH25%
Health & Social Care (QAN 500/4471/0)J811OCRCambridge Nationals
History (QAN 601/8091/2)J410OCRGCSE
Food & CookeryNCFELevel 2
ICT CiDA Y11 Only*GCDA2EdexcelLevel 2
Mathematics (QAN 601/4700/3)1MA1EdexcelGCSE
Paper 1 F/H1MA1F/H
Paper 2 F/H
Paper 3 F/H
Film Studies (QAN 603/0889/8)*WJECGCSE
Music (QAN 601/8204/0)1MU0EdexcelGCSE
Component 1 Performing
Component 2 Composing
Component 3 Appraising
Physical Education (QAN 601/8161/8)1PE0EdexcelGCSE
Component 1 Fitness and body systems
Component 2 Health and performance
Component 3 Practice Performance
Component 4 Personal Exercise Programme (PEP)
Physics (QAN 601/8751/7)8463AQAGCSE
Paper 18463/1F or 1H50%
Paper 28463/2F or2H50%
Religious Studies B (QAN)1RB0EdexcelGCSE
Paper 1 1B ChristianityZN
Paper 2 2C Islam
Science Triology (QAN 600/0892/1)8464AQAGCSE
Paper 1 Biology F/H8464F/H16.6%
Paper 2 Biology F/H16.6%
Paper 3 Chemistry F/H16.6%
Paper 4 Chemistry F/H16.6%
Paper 5 Physics F/H16.6%
Paper 6 Physics F/H16.6%
Spanish (QAN 601/8160/6)8698AQAGCSE
Paper 1 Listening Test F/H8698/LF/LH25%
Paper 2 Speaking Test F/H8698/SF/SH25%
Paper 3 Reading Test F/H8698/RF/RH25%
Paper 4 Writing Test F/H8698/WF/WH25%
Sport StudiesOCRCambridge Nationals
Unit 1 Contemporary Issues in Sport
Unit 2 Developing sports skillsR052
Unit 3 Sports leadershipR053
Unit 4 Sport and the mediaR054
Unit 5 Working in the sports industryR055
Unit 6 Dev Skills outdoor activitiesR056
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