Enquiries about results is a service provided by all the major examination boards for teachers and students to access Post Results Services. Those available to students are listed below.

Clerical checks
A re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result. eg. All parts of the script have been marked; the totalling and recording of marks is correct.

Review of original marking (Remark)
To ensure the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly. This service is only available to externally assessed components, e.g. External Examination Papers, not Controlled Assessments.

You are reminded that a review of marking as well as clerical checks could result in a mark being adjusted down as well as up.

Please speak to your subject teacher to ask if a remark is recommended. Similarly, the school will contact individual students should we believe that a remark might be in their best interests.

Access to scripts
Candidates are able to request access to their own scripts for general interest or to inform future learning e.g. for resitting examinations. A request for this service must be signed and dated by the candidate.

Post Results Service Summer 2019

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  • Requests must be made in writing. A form is included with this letter. Additional forms are available from the Exams Office.
  • The prices above only apply to written examinations. Charges for practical examinations such as Drama or Music may be higher. Please contact the exams office for further advice regarding these subjects.
  • Prices shown above are per unit, not per qualification
  • Your grade may remain the same or it could go higher or lower
  • Cheques should be made payable to The Kingsway School
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