Same Day Reflection Update – 13th July

Hello and we hope you have enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend!

We just wanted to update you on our same-day reflection trial we started last week, following the letter you will have received outlining this possible permanent change to our detention system. 

By Friday, we were able to close over 95% of issues that had resulted in a C2 sanction, compared with the previous week, where too many detentions were being upscaled, meaning students and teacher were entering a new week without issues being resolved. We think this shows that students are behaving more appropriately in their lessons because they know with certainty that they will have to stay after school if they don’t.

Thank you to those of you who attended the drop-in sessions and those who have contacted us with comments or questions about the proposed changes. We thought it would be useful to share the feedback from these with you all: 

Why do the sanctions need to be immediate? Don’t children deserve a chance? 

We want to reiterate that this trial follows the same warning, C1, then C2 system that has been in place for some time. This means that to get to the C2, triggering an after-school reflection, students have had two chances to improve their behaviour. Some of our teachers have noticed that students are rectifying issues they are warned about in lessons more quickly now that we have moved to the trial system, to avoid staying after school. We think ultimately this will result in a more positive learning environment across our school. 

Is it possible to reschedule a same day reflection?

No. The expectation is that your child attends this same day reflection - we will not be cancelling or deferring them except in the most exceptional of circumstances. Families of all students should feel confident in supporting this initiative, as it will provide students with an opportunity to come into school the next day in a positive mindset having drawn a line under the issue the previous day. This will help us embed a much more focused, purposeful and academic culture. 

What happens if my child misses their same-day reflection?

It will be practically impossible for students to forget they have a same-day reflection as their period 5 teacher will take them to the meeting on whichever campus (Broadway or Foxland) they are on at the end of the day. In the rare event that a student misses the reflection through no fault of their own (e.g., they are sent home ill), we will of course reschedule. We have had a very small number of students who have walked away on the journey between their period 5 lesson and arriving at the reflection. In these cases, we have called home and have been grateful that parents have been supportive in urging their child to return to school to complete the session. During this trial period, students who do not attend will be isolated with their form tutor all day the day following the non-attended session as the issue will not have been resolved. In this case, students will then attend the reflection after school that afternoon. We would like to stress that these instances have been very rare so far in our trial and we hope that they will stop completely once all students are used to the system. 

Why is it important that they take place on the same day?

We really want these sessions to allow students to reflect and, ultimately, improve their choices the following day. Under the old detention system, sometimes students were getting their break times booked up with detentions days in advance when they could easily be done on the same day and prevent negative feelings about coming into school and losing break times. 

I am concerned that my child will be travelling home 20 minutes later than everyone else. 

If this is a major concern for anyone, we can arrange for your child to remain in school until a suitable time that they can be collected. 

Will adjustments be made for SEND students?

We advise that you speak to your child’s year team or their SEND key worker as these questions will be specific to your child’s needs. However, we would like to assure you that teachers will be aware of reasonable and specific adjustments that are required for individual students to access learning in the classroom, and we see it as our duty to ensure any additional needs are not confused with negative behaviour. However, the restorative conversations could well be a good opportunity for students to explain how a teacher could support them more effectively and should you wish to come in and join this conversation too, this can be arranged. 

Finally, thank you for the many positive comments we have received regarding this initiative to promote the purposeful and aspirational culture our students deserve. If you have any further questions, please do get in touch via your child’s Raising Standards Leader or Pastoral Head of Year. This week we will be continuing our trial and making decisions about how the system might need to be adjusted in advance of a possible permanent adjustment to our behaviour policy, so your feedback is very welcome indeed.  

The Kingsway School

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