Headteacher’s Blog – Week 16

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our families. I hope you had a restful festive break.

The Autumn Term ended on a high with our festive Santa Dash. Our students raised an amazing £8000 which will be donated to Rowley Projects who work with our sister school, Kolweny Kingsway School in Kenya. Well done to everyone who participated.

Our usual staff Christmas treat was put “on ice” on the last day of term, due to concerns about infection rates in the run up to the holidays. However as a result we were able to deliver some warm turkey and stuffing barms to the Wellspring in Stockport for distribution to the homeless community.

Year 11 PPEs

COVID has been high on the agenda on our return with more testing for students, unusually high staff absence and upcoming second dose of vaccinations.

COVID aside, the new year has started well with our Year 11 students receiving their PPE results - many of whom were delighted with their performance which was a reflection of their hard work. There were others who saw these results as the ‘wake up call’ they needed to knuckle down for the next round of exams in February. With so much still unknown about how this cohort of students will be formally assessed in the summer, every assessment window is important. A number of Year 11 students have been invited to attend intervention classes in English, Maths and/or Science to help them achieve their potential. These students have been selected by class teachers and subject leaders who can see they have the potential and the positive attitude to achieve better results. If your child is in Year 11 and you would like some guidance on how to help them improve their results, please contact Mrs Clarke (Raising Standards Leader).

GCSE options

Year 9 students are gearing up for making their GCSE options. We are proud of the broad curriculum offered here at Kingsway where we offer the full range of EBacc subjects (English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Computer Science, French, German and Spanish) as well as a wide selection of other subjects to spark students interest and develop their talents. Subjects such as Business Studies, Travel & Tourism, Art & Design and Engineering are offered to help students springboard to university courses or employment in a range of sectors.


In assemblies this week the focus is uniform. Wearing uniform correctly is a sign of respect for our school and like any profession in life a uniform is what is worn when students are ready to work and learn. All students are expected to wear full uniform every day and wear it the way it is meant to be worn. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you about our uniform policy.

Appendix C: Uniform Policy

  • Footwear: Plain, flat, below the ankle all black leather footwear only (including soles). Footwear should have no air pockets, different coloured laces or any additional decoration. It should not be a sports shoe.
  • Trousers: Must be school approved tailored trousers – no jeans, canvas, chinos or corduroy allowed.
  • Jewellery: No jewellery may be worn, this includes earrings and other piercings. Please note we do not allow plasters over new piercings – students will be asked to remove all piercings. Students can wear a watch; however Smart Watches are not permitted.
  • Make-up: Students seen wearing makeup will be required to remove it. Nail varnish and false nails (including gels and acrylics) are not permitted, neither are false eyelashes.
  • Outerwear: Students should wear a coat suitable for the climate. Hoodies are not permitted.
  • Promotional Clothing: Clothing which promotes e.g. sports teams, political groups, etc is not permitted
  • Haircuts: Extreme haircuts are not permissible, e.g. unnatural hair colour (including red) and shaved heads less than grade 2. As a Health and Safety measure, long hair should be tied back from the face during lessons where there is a potential Health and Safety risk, e.g. Food Technology, PE or Science experiment

Can I please remind families that only footwear that is all leather, black and without air pockets will be allowed. Any additional decoration needs to be removed. 

I would also like to reinforce that ‘Hoodies’ are not allowed in school and are not a substitute for a coat or a school blazer. If students choose to wear a hoodie to and from school, from 8:30am and until they leave school at 3pm they should be in their bags and not seen. If students are wearing hoodies during the school day then they will be confiscated. The term ‘Hoodie’ is an umbrella term that includes pull on and zip up tops with a hood that are made out of jersey material. 

Piercings, acrylic nails and false eyelashes are not permitted. If your child has had piercings, acrylic nails etc over the holidays they will be asked to remove them. If your child wishes to get a piercing, then can I suggest that this waits until the summer holidays.

If you have any queries regarding uniform then please contact your child’s Pastoral Head of Year.

Breakfast cafe

Following on from student requests we have decided to trial reopening of our breakfast cafe service. Students can come along to Foxland canteen from 8am to purchase a variety of hot food and drinks, perfect on the cold mornings! We do ask that students refrain from entering into the main building until the doors open at 8:20. 

New staff

Finally, we welcome some new staff this new year Mr Green - Head of Technology, Mrs Axon - Resource Centre Manager & Mrs Somerville - Teacher of Business Students/Computing.

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Monday 10th January Breakfast Cafe reopens
Monday 24th January The Kingsway Association meeting
Thursday 27th January Year 9 (virtual) Options Evening
Thursday 3rd February Year 9 (virtual) Parents’ Evening
Friday 11th February Break up for Half term

Have a good week, and stay safe and well.

Mrs J. Lowe

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