Travel in Greater Manchester Update

To assist with public transport information for schools in Greater Manchester TfGM have created a bespoke webpage for every school in Greater Manchester.

You will find the link to our school on

On this page TfGM have information on public transport services to your school and, where applicable, details of bespoke bus services that operate.

Over the coming weeks timings for school bus services may change as TfGM continue to update and iron out any issues. The information on our bespoke school page will be continually updated with this information so that parents and the pupils at our school, are aware of any changes to times.

Currently the information for school bus services is linked to a pdf document but, over the coming weeks, live times will be added into the TfGM system and linked to on the page. This will allow students to accurately see in real time at what time services will arrive and depart from their bus stops and the full route mapped out.

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