Travel in Greater Manchester Update

Travel in Greater Manchester has changed and will be busier than before, which has now affected some services at The Kingsway School. We are currently speaking with TFGM about the issues highlighted to us by parents and students recently.

In preparation for travelling to and from school please find a reminder of key messages. We will post an update as soon as a solution/response is received.

Please can all students cycle or walk to campus if they can. However, if they need to use public transport, they should remember to:

  • Wear a face covering on-board and in stations and interchanges, unless they are under 11 or exempt for another reason.
  • Keep their distance where they can on platforms, stops, stations and on-board.
  • Clean their hands frequently and carry hand sanitiser.
  • Use contactless payment, buying tickets online for smart cards or using mobile apps where possible or use exact change only if needing to pay with cash.
  • Try to leave home earlier to anticipate any delays of service or vehicles being full to capacity.

There will be more travel updates as restrictions are eased, so please keep checking the TfGM coronavirus travel page for the latest advice.

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