Headteacher’s Blog – Week 25

This week we welcome back Mrs Dunn (Teacher of Art) from her maternity leave and say goodbye to Mr Fraser (Resource Centre Teaching Assistant). We wish Mr Fraser well for the future and thank him for his work with our resource students.

Our Resource Centre celebrated Friday's Red Nose Day with great success: “The students all wore something red and took part in a Red Nose quiz and a cake sale - staffed by Milly F and John D and a wonderful 'open mic' session compered by Mr Sarkissian. The afternoon started with a PowerPoint by Austin O to explain why we were raising money. The students performed a variety of acts, including a solo singing performance (Bethany W), a comedy session (Zidaan M), storytelling and dancing (Ibrahim K) drama performances (Gabriella T, Tiana C, Asad H, Jake I. Danny I, Bethany W, Ahnaf K, Jack B, Jake D and Milly F) a fabulous 'masked singer' performance and Salsa by Jake I. Austin pledged £10 for Mr Sarkissian to do the robot dance which he did - helped by Ahnaf - will Mr Sarkissian ever forgive Austin? We are not sure but it was worth it! Mrs Archer finished the day with a fabulous poem all about the resource students. At first count, we have raised over £80! A big thank you to all the Resource School students, who were all AMAZING and to the generosity of their parents. An extra big thank you to Mr Sarkissian and Mrs Archer for making the day such a success”. Mrs Burgess

One of our resource students is shielding at home due to having cystic fibrosis. He still took part - this is from his mum:

“I don't like to hang around when he is having his online lessons... I have to remind him of the time and sometimes have to help him log on but then I tend to leave him to get on with it. But... on Friday I couldn't help but listen in... and I kind of feel privileged that I was able to! Mr Sarkissian, you had us in stitches and you Mrs Archer had me in floods of tears! I was an emotional wreck by the end of the day! Thank you to you all.”

Last week saw our testing team complete their last COVID test in our mass testing centre. Since lockdown, we have carried out 4500 tests! Thanks to the support of staff, governor and parent volunteers who worked every day to get through the government’s requirement to test all staff and students.

Schools have now moved to self-testing and we handed out approximately 2500 home tests to consenting students last week. Please see the Privacy notice for COVID home testing. Along with the tests is a separate booklet explaining how to test and the way in which results must be reported. ALL positive results must be reported to school, and a confirmatory PCR test booked. With regular testing and increasing vaccinations, it certainly feels like there is light at the end of the dark COVID tunnel and it won’t be long before we can enjoy hugging our friends and family again.

Thank you to all parents for their overwhelming support over the last year.

Staff and students are required to continue to self-test over the Easter holidays. Instructions have been given to students, recommending testing on Monday and Thursdays.

Last week saw our Year 7 Virtual Parents’ Evening. For many families this was the first opportunity to meet the subject teachers and understand the progress their child has been making. We were overwhelmed with the lovely messages of support:

“Thank you to all the staff who gave their time and support during the Year 7 parents’ evening. Great feedback and positive thinking to lead our children forward from what has been a difficult year for everyone. WELL DONE”

“Really impressed with how the parents' evening was organised and run. So efficient and much easier for parents, not having to finish work early, sort out childcare, spend time travelling to and from school, etc. Teachers all did great and ran exactly to time on every meeting. Could not have been better. I hope this can be considered as an option for future parents evening. Thank you”

After school is very busy and we would ask that if you do collect your child by car, please be considerate of others and park away from Broadway and Foxland roads because these become easily congested, and we do not want any accidents.

In the coming days PC 17950 Maule will patrol, identifying drivers who park dangerously or cause an obstruction.

Battle of the books

Congratulations to Jess F and Elise M (10S) who were the winners of this year's Battle of the Books competition. They acted out a scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to convince the judges that their chosen book was the best. Well done girls!

This week we introduce our Parent Governor Tracey Payton.

I have been a Parent Governor at The Kingsway School since May 2018 and have twins in Year 11.

For the past 8 years, I have worked as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant at Gatley Primary School and have a keen interest in the ways in which children learn. As such, I am currently working towards a BA in Education Studies- proof that learning is a lifelong activity!

My role includes chairing the Standards Committee and being a Community Link Governor. I consider my overarching role to be one of critical friend to school leaders in order to drive school development as well as supporting staff to facilitate an engaging and diverse curriculum which children are passionate about.

The education and well-being of our young people is such an important aspect of school life, and I strongly believe that all pupils should be given every opportunity to become the very best version of themselves they can be. Living and working in the community gives me an insight into what our children need and the ways in which The Kingsway School, and The Education Learning Trust, can work with parents and wider stakeholders to ensure we are collaborating in order to ‘Turn Potential into Reality’ through our core values of Opportunity, Achievement and Respect.

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Friday 26th March End of term
Monday 12th April Students return to school - 8:30am
Thursday 15th April Year 6 Virtual Welcome Evening

Have a lovely Easter break, and stay safe and well.

Mrs J. Lowe

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