Children’s Mental Health Week

This week marks Children’s Mental Health week, and in the current situation we all find ourselves in, it seems even more prevalent! 

There are many charities, organisations and virtual events taking place online this week - below is the virtual assembly, sponsored by Place2be, the organisation that set up Children’s Mental Health week six years ago.

This year’s theme is 'Creative Expression' - something which personally I believe to be key in balancing our Children’s Mental Health. Have you thought about balancing virtual learning/working from home with using Creativity as an outlet.

YoungMinds are a great organisation who have adapted their resources to be in line with the Pandemic. They have many resources for parents, and advice for parents who are worried about their child’s mental health.

For our young people, as always Mind provide some great advice and support covering all mental health issues and wellbeing. The below link will take you to their page, including a guide for CAMHS (Child and Adolsecent Mental Health Service) and how to understand the process if your child is referred for services there.

For our Stockpot residents, if any of you missed this a few weeks ago – I tweeted a guide of local support and services available to parents and children who live in the Stockport area. This includes helplines, free texting services (hopefully some of you were able to attend the Kooth Webinar last night?) and online referral signposting.

The Kooth Webinar provided some great insight into self-management tools for our young people. To reduce ever increasing anxieties and feeling of worry. The Kooth team have provided their contact details for anyone wanting to know a little more about the service, and what they do - below are their emails they have shared to our parents for support.

  • Hearher Hook -
  • Tom Boroughs - 

I’ve also attached my Top 10 Tips for Student Wellbeing - the most important I feel at the minute is limiting their screen time - why don’t you go screen free as a family for a day at the weekend?

My support is available not only for our students, but for our parents and families too - if you would like a Virtual Appointment with me to share the concerns you have around your child’s anxiety, please email me and I will be more than happy to talk with you: 

Ms C. Cropper
Operational Safeguarding and Wellbeing Lead 

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