Headteacher’s Blog – Week 13

The lights of Broadway

Today I had the pleasure of seeing our Year 11 and Year 8 students ‘shine’ on Broadway.

In Science, students were learning about the law of reflection, looking at different sound waves. Here is Mille D showing her beautiful work on superposition.

In Drama, groups of students created a short scene which shows how bullying can start using body language, space, facial expression and volume as demonstrated here by some girls from Miss McQuiston’s 8I class.

In English, 8S (below) were skim-reading Hunger Games to recap their knowledge of verbs, adjectives, pronouns and adverbs.

In PE, the Year 8's have been utilising the skills they have learned through Year 7 and Year 8 to perform in a doubles table tennis match. The beginning of the lesson was used to refine their skills in the basic table tennis shots and incorporated one of our PE core values of "persist" as students needed to identify basic shots they struggle with and practice them in partners. The main body of the lesson was then used to learn and enforce the differing rules between singles table tennis and doubles table tennis. Students then used our PE core values of "lead" "challenge" and "respect" to participate and umpire in The Kingsway Doubles Table Tennis Championship. Well done to Oscar M, Jamil K, Max B and Finn R who all ended up at the top table at the end of the tournament.

In our Resource Centre, Year 9 students Millie, Jack and Gabriella were having an English lesson with Mrs Archer, studying Romeo & Juliet. There were very animated discussions around Elizabethan attitudes to women and arranged marriages. The students’ summary today was, "This passionate, powerful play is about love at first sight and it shows us that in this world love can conquer all"

Elsewhere, the Year 7 & 8 resourced students were doing a maths assessment (what a way to start their week!).

...Key Stage 4 resourced students were getting to grips with ‘A Christmas Carol’

Mrs Burgess and her team certainly had all our resourced students working hard and setting the pace for the rest of their week. The resourced centre team are also collecting for Chelwood Foodbank - Mrs Burgess said that the resourced parents have been really generous.

My last visit of the morning on Broadway was to the Year 11 Chemistry exam. Miss Linnecor and Mr Weil have been really impressed with the year group, who have been brilliant during their PPE exams last week. Despite having a challenging start to the academic year, the year group have shown great resilience and maturity preparing for and sitting these exams. I’m sure Christmas can’t come soon enough for them. Well done Year 11 and keep up the good work!


We’ve always known our students are stars in the making and this week we had the opportunity to share this beyond our local community.

In October, we were approached by the BBC as a location for an episode in a CBBC production called ‘Sparks’. The series was created to focus on a range of issues that young people today may face.

As part of this, a number of our students were asked to be back-ground extras. Our Year 9 students relished this opportunity and we are delighted to share with you the final programme.

The students were incredibly professional and patient and were described by the crew as “fantastic.” Many of them said that it has sparked their wider interests in TV and film and made them aware of other roles including acting and technical support.

Why not take a look at our future stars.

Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday we are looking forward to being able to celebrate the festive season whilst donating to a worthy cause.  Every year, the staff take part in Christmas Jumper Day.

This annual event has previously been organised by Mrs Halfpenny, one of our RSIAs in the Resource Base. As you may be aware, we were all devastated this year by her sudden passing.  We made the decision to continue this tradition, as we are sure that this is something that she would approve of, but to extend the opportunity wider to include our students, many of whom knew Mrs Halfpenny.

As such on Friday 11th December, students will be able to wear one item of festive clothing. This could be a jumper, hat, socks etc.,  This item should be worn alongside the usual school uniform and in return we would ask students to make a small donation to the Save the Children charity.

We hope that each form will contribute to their House fundraising competition and that overall we will be able to make a significant donation to vulnerable children.

Year 11 Virtual Parents Evening

Last week we sent a message to Year 11 parents about the new system we are introducing in January to conduct our Parents Evenings virtually. Please ensure that you have read the instructions about making appointments and joining on the evening.

Dates For Your Diary

Date Event
Monday 14th December Year 11 return to normal timetable following PPEs
Wednesday 16th December Christmas meal
Friday 18th December School breaks up for students at noon
Monday 4th January INSET Day
Tuesday 5th January Students return to school at 8:30am

Have a good week, and stay safe and well.

Mrs J. Lowe

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