Year 10 COVID-19 Update – 13th November 2020

Last Update: 15:00pm

This morning we were informed of a second case of COVID-19 within Year 10. This time we implemented a modified approach in our response. This is a trial to see if it is a better way of handling cases of COVID-19. Instead of sending the whole Year group home we have only sent home those students in the person’s friendship group, or who have been in a lesson with them during the infectious period. This has allowed about half the Year group to remain in school. Our experience has shown that there is little risk of keeping these students in school.

We are now identifying the close contacts from those students who were sent home. Families will be contacted by the end of today if they are a close contact. Close contacts will need to self-isolate until 24th November, and other students will be able to return to school as normal on Monday.

There was a supply teacher for 10X Science set 1 and we have used the usual seating plan. However, should your child believe they were in a different seat during the lesson then please contact school.

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