COVID-19 Year 11 Update – 22nd October 2020

We have now been able to identify all the close contacts of the students who tested positive for COVID-19. These families have been informed by our School Comms system, with an additional phone call from the Year Office. These phone calls are planned to be completed by the end of Friday.

We are pleased to say that all other Year 11 students are not close contacts and do not need to self-isolate.

As a further precaution, tomorrow we will continue with live lessons taking place according to students’ timetables, starting with their form tutor at 8.30am. The vast majority of Year 11 will return to school on Tuesday 3rd November.

This has been an extraordinary half term for everybody, students, families and staff. We hope that you keep safe and are able to find some respite despite the restrictions we are under.

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