COVID-19 Half Term Update – 28th October 2020

Unfortunately, we have been notified that two of our students have tested positive for COVID-19 during the half term holiday. One is in Year 7 and the other in Year 9. Both of these students were in school, for at least a day, when they might have been infectious.

We have already identified close contacts and have communicated with the affected families through our Schoolcomms system. These students will now have to self-isolate, but other members of the family do not.
The case in Year 7 largely affects members of forms 7G and 7N.

If you believe we have missed your son or daughter from the list of close contacts, please inform the relevant Pastoral Head of Year for further advice.

Those students who are close contacts will not be able to return to school until Monday 9th November. Later this week, we will issue further information explaining how work will be set.

All other students will return on Tuesday 3rd November as normal.

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