A34 Improvement Plan – Have your say

The school is delighted that the surronding area has been chosen to benefit from the below improvements. We hope that this project will not only vastly improve road safety but also encourage our staff and students to choose sustainable travel options.

Taken from: https://www.stockport.gov.uk/a34-corridor-improvement-plan

The A34 corridor, from the junction with the M60 to the A555, is a key bottleneck. The proposed plans will increase capacity at key locations and unlock growth potential in the surrounding area.

The improvements are designed to:

  • support sustainable travel with a 5.6km pedestrian and cycle route along the A34 corridor. This includes a segregated cycle track and controlled crossings with connections to the wider Greater Manchester Cycle Bee Network and local public rights of way
  • support businesses with works to improve access to the Cheadle Royal Business Park and the Stanley Green business area by improving key junctions and providing better walking and cycling access
  • support new homes and development with improvements to junctions to provide access to and mitigate the impact of any proposed new housing development on the local road network
  • support education with replacement of an existing subway beneath the A34 at Kingsway School to provide a better link for the split school site and allow for a key east-west cycle route
  • support motorists with improved junction layouts to reduce congestion, improve safety and provide enhanced driver information on new variable message signs.

A new cycle route is proposed along Broadway creating links to existing east – west cycle connections in the area. The proposed scheme incorporates;

  • A traffic calmed route along Broadway with raised speed tables located at each junction to complement the existing 20mph zone;
  • An on-carriageway cycle route in both directions with upgraded pedestrian facilities at side roads on both sides of Broadway;
  • Provision of an upgraded raised controlled Toucan crossing for pedestrians and cyclists at the western end of Broadway close to The Kingsway School entrance with connecting shared pedestrian and cyclist paths;
  • Access protection markings across all driveways along Broadway to reduce obstruction by parked vehicles;
  • No waiting at time restrictions are proposed to enhance visibility at all junctions along Broadway; and
  • New trees along both sides of Broadway where there are currently none provided (locations shown are indicative).


A new subway is proposed under the A34 which connects Broadway and Foxland Road and the two campuses of The Kingsway School. The proposed scheme involves;

  • Provision of a new 5m wide and 2.7m high subway which will include a high standard of lighting and CCTV coverage;
  • Provision of pedestrian and cycle friendly paths, including a 5m wide pedestrian and cycle route on the connecting ramps;
  • A connecting path to Kingsway School via a security gate;
  • Proposed new and improved traffic calming measures along Foxland Road and Delamere Road;
  • An on-carriageway cycle route in both directions along Foxland Road; and
  • Provision of new waiting restrictions on Foxland Road to improve visibility and access.


We encourage parents and local residents to add their comments to the scheme via the below link before the consultation ends on 13th November 2020.

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