Start of Term Update

A week into the new term I thought it right to give you an update on how things are progressing. I am pleased to say that the overwhelming majority of students have responded maturely to our COVID-19 systems and are making a great start to the year.

I must remind you that it is families’ responsibility to ensure that your child has a face mask every day. We strongly recommend that this is a fabric mask and not a temporary paper mask – these do not survive the rigours of the day. Students should have more than one mask which will allow for the masks to be cleaned on different days. Masks are required because the layout of our school makes social distancing difficult in corridors and communal spaces.

Providing your child with an education is our priority, and putting these measures in place will help prevent having to send year groups home, or closing the school.

Very few students have arrived without a mask, but from Monday 14th September any student without a mask, unless they are exempt, will be isolated in a separate area of the school until you have resolved the issue and provided a mask for them.

Since the first day back we have been providing students with masks, however, this is not something that we can sustain.

I want to stress again that the vast majority of students are being wholly responsible and are following all of our Covid rules and precautions, this message is for the small number of students who choose not to bring masks.

Mr R Knott
Senior Deputy Headteacher

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