Headteacher’s Blog – Week 36

Monday 22nd June 2020

We are now in week 14 of Lockdown and pleased to hear the government discussing a full return to school for all students and that September is their target.

The face to face elements of each day are a real boost to staff. We miss the contact with our students and look forward to hopefully resuming normal service in September. 

In line with government guidance, a quarter of Year 10 enjoyed a face to face maths lesson today, with English next week and science planned for the week after.

There is also an increase in the number of ‘live’ and pre-recorded lessons being delivered by our teachers. Full details will have been emailed to your child.

In addition, a core team of staff have been working on our school’s ‘recovery curriculum’ - a series of lessons for when students return to school to help support them with re-establishing routines and relationships as well as looking back on their learning during lockdown and building up their knowledge and understanding.

Please can you make sure your child is checking their emails on a daily basis. Form tutors and teachers are using school email to communicate with students every day and a lack of response can raise concern regarding their well being. 

Towards the end of this week, you will be receiving details of the launch of the Kingsway Virtual School.  We appreciate that a number of parents have requested this but upskilling staff, and the technology to a place where we can ensure that this is an effective delivery, has taken thought and consideration.  

Over the next couple of weeks, teachers will continue to trial small groups for online lessons and this will increase so that before the end of term all students will be able to receive a live online lesson in every subject.  This will then supplement the face to face lesson Year 10s are having, and the remote learning offered by class teachers and the enrichment and daily challenges on the Year Group noticeboards. We hope this blended learning approach will be well received and that students will participate fully.

Key Worker provision has been continuing to steadily grow and it has been delightful to see new faces joining us. A reminder that your child needs to be booked on to the system using the booking form which closes on Thursday 25th June at Midday.

Students attending will be provided with access to the computers to complete the remote learning work for their year group and due to social distance requirements may not be in a room with their friends or year group.  

With the numbers increasing, we are beginning to re-establish some of the routines, such as no access to mobile phones during the school day, and being punctual at the beginning of the school day. Students are also reminded that they need to bring a healthy snack/lunch if they do not use the canteen services.  Cans and fizzy/energy drinks are not permitted, as are shared bags or family packets of crisps and sweets.  

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

In school today, we had our biggest cohort of students yet accessing our Key Worker provision with 27 in total.  Because of these increasing numbers and the delivery of the Year 10 maths lessons this week, it is beginning to feel as though the school is coming alive again.  There are increasing numbers of staff in school too as the weeks go by and it has been lovely to see colleagues catching up with each other and admiring each others’ ‘lock down haircuts (all from to two metre distance of course).

In their lesson times, students are also keeping their distance in our ICT suits, where they are able to access their online and remote learning each morning in our computer rooms.  At lunch today, we made the most of the sun and the students went out onto the field to let off some steam.  Once they had completed their learning for the afternoon, the final session of the day was an active one and students once again took to the fields to do some PE with Mr Duffy and Mr Howarth.

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Gosh what a hot day it was today! I hope you managed some time in the sun.

School life carried on in the form of our new ‘normal’ today with around 25 students accessing our Key Worker provision and a further 55 Year 10 students in school for their Maths lesson. 

For students in Year 9, September will see the start of their GCSE courses in most subjects. To supplement their remote learning, Mrs Clarke has put together a helpful document containing key information on each GCSE subject and how students can best prepare themselves before September.

Mr Wood has added some information to Year 7, 8 & 9 students’ Google Classroom about British Red Cross First Aid Champions. Students are invited to complete 4 first aid skills over 4 weeks. What more valuable skills can we have than caring for someone else?

Thursday 25th June 2020

What a scorcher it was today! Another busy day at Kingsway with our key worker and Year 10 students all working hard in the soaring heat. With current restrictions in place, it is important that you send your child into school with their own sun tan cream if they need it as we won’t be able to provide this in school.

We are delighted to inform you that from the week commencing 29th June all year groups will begin to receive live online lessons through the Kingsway Virtual School. Each year group has a separate timetable which, by 6th July, will offer online lessons in every subject area, supplementing the remote learning timetable. It is hoped that this blended learning approach will best prepare your child to return to school in September. Further information and all the details are provided in the specific year group links below. Should you have any questions please contact your child’s Raising Standards Leader in the first instance.

It has been great to see so many of our Year 10 students back in school this week for their Maths lessons and attendance has been excellent. Students should also be praised for their conduct in both their approach to learning and in following the strict social distancing and safety measures that are in place. Their face to face content continues next week with English Super Sessions. Miss Dean has emailed all Year 10 students to confirm their room and time. The session will be concentrating on English Language Paper 1, looking at all questions and skills which need to be covered.


Mrs J. Lowe

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