Year 11 Yearbook and Leavers Hoodies Update

The Year 11 Yearbooks and leavers hoodies have arrived in school and we are arranging an opportunity for you to pick them up.

We will be based at Foxland reception from 10am-12pm on Thursday 4th June. 

Due to the current circumstances we will have to ensure appropriate social distancing measures are put in place. Therefore this will not be an opportunity to socialise, there will be a queuing system at 2m intervals and students will be invited to come into reception one at a time to collect their hoodie and yearbook. As soon as this has happened you will need to leave the school site.

If you missed the yearbook deadline there's good news! The company printed far too many by accident and so there are enough for all students. If one of your friends is unable to make it we are happy for you to pick up hoodies/yearbooks on their behalf.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Kind regards,
Mr Williams

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