Headteacher’s Blog – Week 30

Monday 4th May 2020

I hope this week’s blog finds you safe and well after a restful weekend.

Thanks to Ms Linnecor, Mrs Eames, Mrs Bentham, Mr McCulloch and Mr Carr for supporting the 7 students we had in school today.

This morning’s exercise was a combination of table tennis, badminton and basketball in the sports hall and much like last week, Aidan continues his reign as champion!

In the first learning session, Miss Eames hosted a maths quiz with links to film, music and history: quite a mixed bag! Despite valiant efforts from everyone, Dougie took the top prize.

The students followed this by exploring volume by making some 3D cubes and decorating them however they saw fit. Many students opted for a rainbow design, a symbol that has taken on importance for them all in recent times.

The afternoon brought some history to our students as they identified key figures from the 20th century and researched them to create booklets to share with the rest of the group. This session finished with some work on the Ancient Egyptians, creating their own scroll depicting scenes from their lives.

After the regular mile walk, the day ended with some interactive geography work, with students taking it in turns trying to identify countries from their outline with varying degrees of success! Once the class had some clues then there was no stopping them.

We also had fabulous news that former Kingsway student, Emon Choudhury won the BBC2 show “Race Across The World”. Emon has kindly posted a personal message to all our students. Well done to him for literally proving how far Kingsway can help you go!

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Tuesday in school brought the same 7 smiling students, and thanks to Mr Hulme, Miss Kelman and Mr Mahmood for supervising today.

The day began on the field in the glorious sunshine with a fierce bean bag throwing competition! Tensions were high as the target moved further and further away but after some friendly rivalry, Aidan took the top spot. Some students however,  preferred a quiet stroll around the running track to start their day. 

The action then moved into the sports hall as the students launched their bean bags from the balcony, then enjoyed a few games of basketball and badminton.

Exhausted after their exertions, the students then moved on to the first learning session of the day with Mr. Mahmood and an introduction to stop motion animation. After a brief workshop, the group began designing their own animation on paper, developing characters and a storyline. After lunch they then started to transfer their ideas on to the screen. Ideas ranged from a spaceman to someone bouncing a ball and the 2 hours this took helped students realise how much work goes into some of their favourite films.

Instead of a walk today we let off some steam on the field with a run and some exercises in the sun. To end the day, as there had been a lot of ‘screen time’ this afternoon everyone picked up their reading book for some quiet reading, with the opportunity to ask questions about any vocabulary, grammar or punctuation.

And finally, application forms for our new Kingsway School Poet Laureate and Literacy Ambassadors are now available on the Kingsway Online Library portal on Google Classroom. Any student interested should get thinking as the deadline is Wednesday 3rd June for these exciting new opportunities!

Free school meals - National Voucher Scheme Update

We have now moved onto the Government's national voucher scheme to continue to support our families whose children are eligible for free school meals. If you provided us with a working email address, you should have received an email containing en e-Code directly from Edenred.

If your e-Code has not come through , firstly, check your spam and/or trash folder. If it still hasn’t arrived by Thursday 7th May 2020, please contact Miss Stansfield at l.stansfield@kingsway.stockport.sch.uk to ensure that we have your correct email address. If necessary, we can resend the e-Code.

If you did not provide us with a working email address by the 27th April, we have requested an e-Code on your behalf and will endeavour to get the e-Code or eGift card to you on or before 8th May 2020.

Wednesday 6th May 2020

As we reach the middle of the week, the program for those students in school continues. Thanks to Miss Tunnell and Mrs Guess for their support today.

The day began with a group reading session with Miss Tunnell. Students opted to read individually from the great selection of books we have available on our Broadway campus. 

In order to avoid busier pavements, we also decided to have our mile walk early today. This helped with the essential social distancing from the public and meant we could extend our walk in the, once again, glorious sunshine.

Miss Tunnell then led the group in analysing an excerpt from Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, looking for the most impactful adjectives, verbs and nouns.

The afternoon was led by Mrs Guess and the students were tasked with creating the perfect afternoon tea! Over 2 and a half hours, the students made savoury puff pastry tarts, ham and mustard mayonnaise sandwiches, houmous and natural yoghurt with chive dip (with crudites!) and flapjacks to finish. The smells coming from the kitchen were lovely, and I hope whoever at home got to enjoy their work appreciated it. 

We ended the day checking e-mails and Google classroom for any work that had been set, something we encourage all students to do whenever they can.

Read the latest restorative Check In and Relational Round Up newsletters to gain a view of the restorative and relational work being developed in Stockport and to check out some new restorative ideas.

Thursday 7th May 2020

Thank you to Mrs. Beattie and Mr Woodiwiss for supervising today’s work.

Thursday brought a smaller group to school, but all as enthusiastic as ever to get stuck in to the activities. After a quiet reading session, we moved out to the tennis courts for some Maths related physical work! 

The students chalked out good old fashioned hopscotch squares but could only advance when they had worked out the question set by Mrs. Beattie. We also then tried to estimate various distances (2 metres in particular!) and then measuring to see how close we were. We added a little more maths into the equation by converting metres into centimetres.

Before lunch there were some spirited badminton matches between the students, also involving Mr Woodiwiss and Mr Carr. The staff were, of course, the most competitive! 

In the afternoon, students designed their own animal, researching online to draw inspiration. Some names were of a fantastical nature, Fingmartialist Fox. Some were more traditional, Gary. It would certainly make for an interesting zoo.

We ended the day, and in fact the week, by starting preparation for a project which will carry on into next week. Students were tasked with creating a presentation on their favourite hobby, ready to showcase soon. I look forward to seeing a very diverse selection from Tik Tok to fishing!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs J. Lowe

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