French Trip June 2020 Update

As many of you will know, many countries are beginning to review their lockdown policies following the outbreak of COVID-19 and in some instances, travel restrictions are being amended so that people can travel. However, advice around this is changing frequently and  I’m sure you will agree that it is paramount that the safety of our children comes first. We are therefore informing you that sadly the trip to Paris this year will not go ahead. 

As you know, we have been trying to work with PGL (our trip provider) to ensure that we do not lose the deposits we have already paid. However, in their latest communication, they have informed us that if we cancel the trip now, they will retain our initial and interim deposits of £140 per student. They have further stated that if we do not cancel the trip on or after the 1st June and the government restrictions have not been lifted, they will also keep the £140 deposit. They are stating that the trip will in effect have been cancelled by government action rather than by themselves. Either way, PGL is not prepared to issue any refunds of the initial and interim deposits.  As a school, we are disappointed at the lack of compassion shown by PGL and moving forward, will reconsider our relationship with PGL for the future. 

I know you will most likely have questions around refunds on the amounts that have been paid towards the trip so far. Our intention is to support our Kingsway parents in any way we can at this time. Please rest assured that we are currently working through the details with our insurers and we are confident that it will be possible to reclaim the deposits on your behalf. We will update you as soon as possible with any further developments.

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