Headteacher’s Blog – Week 16

Happy New Year

A warm welcome back to our staff, students and families.

We have started 2020 with a vengeance!

I gave an assembly to all students about how proud they make me feel. Particularly when I drop in to their lessons and see them working hard with a focus on their learning. I have to remind myself what a tough job school can be - the amount of ‘stuff’ students need to learn and recall is vast. From equations in Maths and Science to quotes from Literature and learning by rote in Drama and Languages.

The standard of their written work is also exceptional. I popped in to Miss Tunnell’s Year 9 English lesson last week and saw students improving their work on Martyn Pig to achieve higher grades. I was hugely impressed with what they had written in just one lesson. Walking around lessons is a real tonic - your children are working hard and you should be rightly proud of their achievements.

In the assembly, I also talked about how our students make me proud outside the classroom. For example when they are representing the school in community events or representing school sports teams or just taking part in enrichment activities. I had the pleasure of reading the GCSE Latin coursework for a group of Year 9 students and Miss Murray who are now studying the level 2 course after successfully completing level 1 at the end of Year 8. Wow! What an accolade.

I am also proud of how respectful our students are and the maturity they demonstrate on a daily basis. They are a caring bunch, looking out for one another and behaving respectfully in school. I loved being asked “Did you have nice Christmas Miss?” last week or being wished  a “Happy New Year Miss”.

What a lovely start to 2020 I had!

Another great experience last week was our Year 11 GCSE mock results day. All Year 11 students were formally given their mock results by senior staff on Thursday morning. All students acknowledged that their results reflected the amount of studying they did. From those who achieved the highest possible grades, to those who were disappointed with their outcomes but solemnly acknowledged “I didn’t do much revision Miss”. These exams provide a crucial learning opportunity for our Class of 2020. They now know how big the mountain is they need to climb in order to get the grades needed for the next stage in their education/career pathway.

The good news is that support is here for them. All they need to do is take advantage of it .  It could be a 1:1 conversation with their teacher, attending extra-curricular revision or studying at home using online materials. Our Year 11 have only 14 school weeks until their first GCSE exam so they need to start revising now. After 5 years, that’s a lot of “stuff” they need to be able to recall in the summer!

Year 11 were joined by their parents on Thursday evening for the first parents’ evening of the academic year. The evening was really well attended with parents absorbing all the information from teachers as to how they can help their child reach their potential. Thanks to all those parents who completed the evaluation form and left some really positive comments about the education their child is receiving at Kingsway. If you were unable to attend or would like more information about how to help your child in their GCSEs, please get in touch with Year 11 RSL, Mr Wiliams (n.williams@kingsway.stockport.sch.uk).

Please join me and extend a very warm welcome to new staff who started with us this week. Mrs Nieman will be supporting the Languages department as Foreign Language Assistant and Miss McSheffrey joins us as Head of Performing Arts. Welcome to them both.

Finally, we have seen a few uniform issues creeping in this week. Namely AirPods, acrylic nails and trainers - all very welcome Christmas presents I assume, but not so welcome in school.

Please can you help us by ensuring your child has the correct uniform and equipment for school each day. Thank you.

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Wednesday 15th January Year 9 SEN Coffee Afternoon
Thursday 23rd January Year 9 Options Information Evening
Wednesday 29th January Year 11 Photograph
Thursday 6th February Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Have a lovely week,

Mrs J. Lowe

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