Headteacher’s Blog – Week 15

Seasons greetings

Christmas is coming and we've had a week of celebrations.

Let me start with celebrating those students who have worked hard all term, getting themselves to the top of the merit tables. I was delighted to share their success with them last week by presenting their certificates and badges to them in their lessons.

Gaskell winner, Nayl Ahmed (Y10) was in Mrs Greenwood’s GCSE German lesson. Nayl was responding to the FAR marking of an exam-style writing task, which he had written on the theme of free time, so he was correcting and extending his language.

Imogen Davies (8T) and Esme MacDonald (8T) were joint winners for Rylands. They were in Mrs Bradbury-Cheethams Art lesson, where they were doing oil pastel studies of John Piper’s work - a British artist.

Emma Boaler (8K) was Turing’s highest merit total winner. Emma was in Mr Dubale’s Maths lesson, where she was in the process of completing her "red pen retest" from the first Year 8 end of unit test.  Emma then went on to learn about conversions between fractions and ratios.

Dylan Lamond (9H) was the Whitworth winner this month. Dylan was in History where Mrs Mackay was teaching the lead up to the Second World War with a focus on Chamberlain's policy of appeasement and the analysis of the cartoons of David Low.

Pankhurst winner, Zack Jordan (7E) was in Music with Mr Wood, where they were doing their assessment using duration notation. They were creating their own 4 bar rhythms then arranging them so they demonstrated Pulse, Call & Response, Polyrhythms and team/ensemble skills.

Finally, Lowry winner, Hannah Phillips (7I) was taking part in the scholars’ workshop.

On 13th December, Year 7 scholars were invited to a workshop presented by Stephen Frew from ‘Tomorrows Engineers’. This is a charity which aims to enthuse and instruct young people about the world of engineering and STEM.

The scholars spent the day learning about renewable sources of energy, discussing why these are important in the industry of today, and then making and testing electric cars. Students worked together as engineering teams and spent time considering variables in order to achieve a set distance for their car before it ran out of energy.

Students were encouraged to develop creative technological ideas in order to enter the ‘bright ideas’ student STEM challenge and become engineers of the future.

Dr Holdsworth, who organised the event said:

“The 50 students taking part today were chosen based on achieving and maintaining greater depth in their Year 7 studies and being awarded the highest Attitude To Learning scores in the year group. We hope that by providing our students with enhanced learning opportunities that we can help them to compete for the most sought after college and university places in the future.”

Congratulations to Della Skarratt, Emma Young, Georgie Cavanagh, Grace Knight, Ayesha Khan, Laiba CHoudhry, Emma Boaler, Kate Scott, Rebecca Ikin and Faith Francis who helped to raise £32,020 for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. We received some lovely certificates for the girls from the RBL thanking them for supporting the armed forces community, past and present.

On Monday evening, The Kingsway School performed their annual Christmas Concert at St. Mary’s Parish Church, Cheadle. It was amazing - our best ever! There were performances from our talented orchestra, Kirsten Attfield who performed a clarinet solo, the beautiful chamber orchestra, the fabulous French singers, the flute choir, the super guitar ensembles, the gorgeous Year 7 Chamber Choir, Tilly Earnshaw & May Bradley’s duet, the stunning Year 10 GCSE performance and our school choir's grand finale. Not to mention the outstanding staff choir who performed a christmas song written by our very own head of Music, Mr Lawton. It was a truly wonderful evening - thanks to all the staff, students and families who supported the event.

As I write this blog, school is limbering up for our inaugural Santa Dash. So far students have pledged over £4,000 towards charity for the event, which takes place on Thursday morning. More information to follow via social media and the school website.

Finally, as part of their work to deliver the best possible outcomes for children and young people, Stockport local authority officers have co-produced (with children, young people and families) a set of outcomes which create a framework for measuring how well every child or young person, including those with SEND, reaches their own goals. To collect a wider view on the proposed outcomes the local authority have asked schools to share the following link for parents to complete:

Dates for your diary

Date Event
Thursday 19 December 2019 Charity Day Santa Dash - students finish early at 12pm
Monday 6 January 2020 Students return to school at 8:30am
Thursday 9 January 2020 Year 11 PPE Results Day
Year 11 Parents' Evening 5-8pm

Wishing all our families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mrs J. Lowe

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