Drug and Knife Detector Dogs at The Kingsway School

As part of our commitment to being a drug and knife free school, we occasionally undertake random checks using trained detection dogs. This is a proactive safeguarding measure and is not undertaken in response to any specific concerns.

On Wednesday 9th October 2019, two teams of dogs (Mr Lucky, Max, Tricky and Gelart) passively checked students, their belongings, classrooms and communal areas. The company that we used visit schools across the country (as well as policing major events) and reported that The Kingsway School was one of the most positive and safe environments that they have inspected in recent times.

In total 1125 individual students were checked in a 2 hour period, no student or their belongings were found in possession of either drugs or knives.

If you have any concerns or comments that you would like to make, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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