Parent Pay and Cashless Catering

You may have encountered a problem where your ParentPay “dinner money” balance was not being updated to show your child’s spending in our canteens.

The good news is that the link between ParentPay and our cashless catering system has now been restored. Missing transactions will now be transferred to ParentPay and should appear on your accounts. This process will update the dinner money balance and also update children’s meal choices to date. Due to the backlog this may take a few hours to complete.

Please be assured that any money paid via ParentPay was being transferred to children’s in-school account balance. The issue was with the data transfer from our catering system back to ParentPay. It has also taken longer than we would have liked to restore the link due to back-to-school demands on the cashless system company and their customer support team.

Apologies to those parents that have had difficulties due to this issue, and thank you for your patience.

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