Headteacher’s Blog – Week 32

Winner, winner!

Welcome back to the final half term of the academic year. I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday break. I spent my week here in not-so-sunny Stockport, enjoying time with family and friends. I even tried my hand at golf for the first time. Not a bad first attempt, though I can’t see myself winning the Ryder Cup any time soon.

Thankfully, there were lots of winners at Kingsway before the half term break, starting with our top merit winners for March & April, who received their certificates and stars last week. Here’s where I found them...

Charlie Lund was in Food tech with Mrs Guess, where she was carrying out her final practical assessment. Charlie was making lemon and lime cheesecake decorated with fresh fruit slices. Delicious!

Emily Foster was revising for her end of year German test. The class were playing "Das Vermögen der Familie" (or family fortunes). Miss Slater, Emily’s teacher (pictured below) was delighted with Emily’s award: “Emily always works hard in German and I have no doubt that she will be very pleased with her result on her test!”.

Amy Berry was in GCSE RE with Mr Williams where he was teaching Muslim beliefs about crime. Amy was contributing well to the discussion about the causes of crime in society in relation to a person's upbringing and socio-economic circumstances that could lead to hopelessness. Discussion was had whether the responsibility for changing this lay with the government, the education system or the parents.

Double Winners, Ella-Grace Smith and Rocio McGilvary were found in English, working hard on their timed responses. Miss Mullin was pleased to tell me that both girls “are starting to feel more prepared to tackle their end of year exams”.

Finally, Emma Boaler was also busy revising for her end of year Science exam. Miss Murray explained: “we were doing a Q and A session on separation techniques. Students had to tell me based on their practical work what they did, what mixtures they could separate and explain how it worked”.

As well as being a terrific science teacher, Miss Murray is also our Professional Mentor for trainee teachers. Her role is to coordinate the training they receive from their university mentors with school based experience at Kingsway. We were recently visited by MMU to review the school based provision we provide for their graduates and as a result we were accredited as a Leading Partnership School. This reflects our commitment to school based training, not only from Miss Murray, but all the exceptional subject based mentors we have around the school.

More hopeful winners this summer are our Year 11 students from the class of 2019, who are well in to their GCSE examinations. To help stimulate their minds, Mr Sadler and the English department arrived early on Friday morning to write some key quotes from An Inspector Calls and ‘Conflict’ poetry on the school playground. Whatever next … Pythagoras Theorem on the back of the toilet doors?

The Class of 2019 had a winning send off on Thursday afternoon at their Leavers’ Assembly. Hosted by the Miss Cox-Brown and Miss Francis, the event kicked off with students taking part in the age-old tradition of shirt signing and congregating in the Sports Hall where they enjoyed a nice cool ice cream. The year group then assembled in Foxland Hall and the celebrations kicked off with form tutor presentations. Each form tutor created a farewell show for their tutees. The students absolutely loved them - particularly Mr Duffy’s homage to Ed Sheeran and Mr Nicolaou’s ‘Titanium’ tribute! The finale was a staff lip-synch headbang to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody - thank goodness it’s not available for public viewing is all I can say!

It was a really lovely afternoon with lots of emotion from the students and staff. We will miss the class of 2019 and thank them for the stamp they have left at our school. I wish them all the very best in their GCSEs and in their futures where they will hopefully turn their potential into a reality!

Have a great week everyone.

Mrs J. Lowe

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