Headteacher’s Blog – Week 28

The many faces of opportunity.

Welcome back to the summer term. I hope you all had a lovely Easter. The hottest for 70 years, according to the papers.

I had a lovely break - a few days with my husband in Malta and a few days with my parents in Anglesey. The weather in Wales was much nicer than Malta! Even our little dog Freddie enjoyed the sunshine.


I remember when I was at secondary school, back in the 80’s, our house being burgled. It happened a few times until my dad improved the security of the house. The burglars took my mum’s jewellery the first time, which was really upsetting for her, much of it being passed down to her. But they also took the technology of the day… Cine camera, Betamax video recorder and our TV. Looking back I’m amazed how they managed to carry it all. Technology back then wasn’t light and compact; it was heavy and bulky. But with a single glazed back door and a railway line running alongside next door - we were easy pickings.

Sadly, this type of behaviour is on the up again. And the easy pickings are the children of hard working parents like you who have used your hard earned income to buy your children the latest iPhone, AirPods, designer coat or bike. A student may walk to and from school carrying goods to the value of £1500. Annoyingly, there are people out there who are not afraid to just approach our students and take what they want, sometimes behaving in a threatening way. Unfortunately, this is not unique to Kingsway, at our own home we have a bike stolen and my car broken into. These burglars are opportunists and our best defence is to remove the opportunity.

The advice that we are giving our children is to be aware and be cautious. To remove themselves as easy pickings by:

  • Not walking alone
  • Avoiding non-residential routes such as Scholes Field
  • Not advertising their goods by keeping phones and headphones out of sight

The local police are working closely with the school and providing a presence in the area. They encourage parent to report any incidents to them via their online live chat.

As you will be aware we have a rich and varied extra-curricular programme, including sports fixtures and revision sessions after school. If you are unable to collect your child from school after a late event, please get in touch with their Pastoral Head of Year for support and guidance.

From potential unpleasantness outside of school, I’ll now focus on the brilliance inside school.

Mrs Mackay emailed me before Easter to tell me she was “overwhelmed by the high quality of the hard boiled historians competition”. Congratulations to

  • Amy Berry, who was the winner of a large Easter Egg with a truly stunning display of 7 eggs with 2 minus their (egg) heads of Henry VIII and his 6 wives.
  • Kirsten Attfield came second with a stunning Julius Caesar complete with 'Et Tu brute' speech bubble and George Frazer of 7N's Margaret Hatcher was hilarious: he really captured her facial expression down to a tee.

Last week we held our Year 8 Parents’ Evening which was really well attended. Standing at the door, it was lovely to hear all the positive comments from parents, who were thankful for the great education and care their child was receiving at Kingsway. Mrs Clarke is running a follow-up Revision Strategies evening on Tuesday 30th April to support students and families with top tips and information ahead of their end of year exams which start on 13th May 2019.

Finally, I don’t hide my light under a bushel when it comes to how much I love working in our school, with our amazing young people. Teaching is the best job! Is it something you’ve ever considered? If you want to find out more we are holding Taster Days to provide an insight into the profession. These are taking place on 16th May 2019 and 4th June 2019. During the Taster Day, you will be able to see learning in practice, the importance of relationships and how teachers engage, challenge and inspire students during lessons. Being in a classroom observing lessons is a brilliant way to see teaching in action and really get a realistic feel for what it is like to be a teacher today. Our Taster Days will build in time for you to explore all potential training routes on offer, with the added opportunity of speaking with staff that elected to train at The Kingsway School, as well as a range of staff at different stages of their career and in different roles.

For more information, and to book a place on one of our Taster Days, please visit our Secondary School Direct page.

Mrs J. Lowe

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