Year 9 Law Students Visit Manchester Crown Court

Recently, Miss Cuttress and Mrs Stansfield took 20 Year 9 students to Manchester Crown Court. Glen Davad, Niall Ritchie, Akira Edgson and Rocio McGillivray, the prosecution and defence teams, put up brilliant fights and eventually, our jury found the defendant guilty of murder.

Louie Hatch, our amazing judge, set a sentence with proper legal reasoning and was in the same range as the real judge on the case, which was very impressive. As well as taking part in a realistic murder trial, students were given the opportunity to ask questions to real students of Law from Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University. The group learnt all about the different levels and courts in the justice system, sentencing for various crimes and about the legal age of responsibility. It was a brilliant and inspirational day for everyone involved.

Thank you to GMHigher for taking us!

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