Safeguarding Message – 5th April 2019

As a school we are in full support of our students and local community. We are committed to ensuring that any threatening behaviour made towards our students, is dealt with in an effective manner.

Sadly, some of students have been subjected to intimidation and threatening behaviour by youths who do not attend our school.

We are working closely with the local authority and the police to ensure that this type of behaviour does not happen in our community, or put our children at risk.

Today with our students we have reiterated the message about keeping themselves safe and how to report any concerns that they may have. We have spoken to them about safety in and out of school, especially whilst walking home.

We would also urge our parents and members of the community to report any suspicious activity or concerns that they have to either the school or to the Police, on either 999 or 101.

Thank you for your support.

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