Headteacher’s Blog – Week 26

Opportunities for all by all.

This week’s blog celebrates the opportunities available to our students and our wider community.

Last week, Kingsway hosted Year 5 students from Prospect Vale, Cheadle Primary, Gatley and Meadowbank to experience a piece of France, as part of our Languages Day. Students learnt a French song, played French games, created an art piece in the style of the artist Matisse and bought French foods using Euros. We received excellent feedback from our partner primaries:

“Thank you so much for having us at the MFL day yesterday - the children absolutely loved each and every workshop. It was clearly so well organised and the resources provided were brilliant.”

On Wednesday, sixty Year 7 and 8 students took part in Level 1 Makaton Training as part of their Scholars Program. We were very lucky to have the NHS speech and Language team offer their services to the school for the day and we are keen to partner with them in the future to enable staff to welcome all learners into their classrooms with the use of sign language. Students involved in the training will be encouraged to teach their skills to their form groups and we aim to establish primary links, which will ensure continuity of skill as students move through education.

After all, our aim at the Kingsway school is to strive to be truly inclusive of all learners!

Also on Wednesday, 14 Year 10 students attended a Masterclass at Loreto Sixth Form College. We received some fantastic feedback about our students from Loreto staff who commented on their enthusiasm, maturity and engagement. Some of the new things they learnt included:

  • The sign for providing b if A is B/A
  • Spearman’s rank
  • New concepts eg new info on spring constant
  • Yes, k over 2 = springs connected, 2k= springs in parallel
  • Links between contexts and texts
  • The different rotations for venn diagrams
  • Plants grow best in blue light

Earlier in the week, Year 7 students were highly creative during the History department’s unit of study on Castles. They created Motte and Bailey and Stone Keep castles out of a variety of materials. Their attention to detail was phenomenal- with some students even installing a working drawbridge in their castle. Stunning work Year 7 - Well done!

Over the last 2 weeks, Year 7 and Year 10 parents have been to school to attend their child’s annual parents evening. This is an opportunity for parents and carers to hear from individual class teachers about the progress that their child is making in each subject. I appreciate for our new Year 7 parents, that the evening is somewhat different to primary parents evenings. Unfortunately, the reality of a secondary parents evening is that appointments don’t always run to time and there’s a lot of walking from one place to another. However, the feedback from parents at both evenings was overwhelmingly positive with parents and carers feeding back that they are happy with the school, particularly how well we support their pastoral care and the academic support they are receiving from their teachers to ensure their reach their potential.

Some other great parent news came from the parents of Poppy Buckley in Year 8, who recently had her lovely long, blonde hair cut short and decided to donate her hair so that young people who have lost their hair through illness can be given real hair wigs, which are so expensive to buy. Well done Poppy on such a wonderful act of kindness. Please share with the school any acts of kindness by your children that deserve recognition.

Little Princess Trust website

This week we will be welcoming a film crew, who are making a suite of nine films for BBC Teach about transition from primary to secondary school. The short films are intended to reassure and inspire children about the opportunities in secondary school and the network of staff in place to help children flourish. This could be the start of my career as an actress!

Finally, we have a large number of students who ride to school on bikes, many of whom appear not to have helmets. Please can I ask that you speak to your child about wearing a helmet. The roads are very busy at both the start and end of school, and we do not want an accident. We are considering placing cones near the school gates to prevent any accidents. If you drive near to school at these times please remember the speed limit is 20mph.

Wishing you all a lovely Easter.

Mrs J. Lowe

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