Risky Business Week

During the week commencing 6th March The Kingsway School invited a variety of different agencies in to provide support to students on all things 'RISKY'.

The agencies present throughout the week included: the Fire Service, Community Nurses, Anti Bullying Campaigners, Mental Health Teams, Cheadle Mosque, Mosaic and many more. Issues being addressed encompassed: Anti Social Behaviour, Stress Management, Bullying, Sexuality, Mental Health and Well-being, Radicalisation, Racism, Drugs, Alcohol and a wider range of 'risky' behaviours through the use of fun workshops, targeted sessions and assemblies.

The week highlighted the need for all students to be vigilant and informed about their own and others' safety and the school's culture of support.

The Kingsway School is committed to ensuring each students safety and well being.

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